October 28, 2009

BSC #6, Kristy’s Big Day: Stoneybrook Turns a Blind Eye to Child Labor Laws

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It's a formal occasion, so Karen's wearing her good fangs

Summary: Kristy’s mom’s wedding has to be moved up for convoluted reasons, and since a bunch of kids are coming to town to attend, the BSC girls offer to watch them all. The ultra-boring B plot is about Kristy trying to figure out what to give her mother and stepfather for a wedding gift.

Thoughts: I shouldn’t be surprised that in a story about someone else’s wedding, it’s still all about Kristy. Why is it Kristy’s big day? She’s a bridesmaid. There’s also only about two pages dedicated to the wedding itself; the rest of the book is mostly the week leading up to it.

I can’t be the only person who has a problem with the premise here. The five BSC girls – all of whom are 12 or 13 at this point – are hired to watch 14 kids, ages 9 months to 10 years, for eight hours a day for five days. This is middle-schoolers doing a full-time job. (They also each wind up making $130 for the week, so they’re not even paid 1987 minimum wage, I don’t think. [I don’t want to do the math.]) Isn’t that…illegal? Is Watson also running a sweatshop in his gigantic mansion?

The sitters are also asked to take the little boys to the barber. Take your own kids to the dang barber! And they’re invited to the rehearsal dinner, but mostly to watch the kids. Watch your own dang kids! I hope they were paid extra for that. Who brings a baby-sitter to a rehearsal dinner anyway? You’re sitting at a table and eating. Does that require so much supervision that the parents can’t do it themselves? Maybe they just wanted to get plastered.

Other strange moments: the kids put on a fake wedding, and Karen and David-Michael are chosen as the fake bride and groom. They’re about to be stepsiblings. Raise your hand if ew. Karen is also kicked off a school playground for basically having an overactive imagination. Look, I don’t like her, but that’s crazy. You can’t kick Karen out for being Karen. Her Karenness will overpower you every time.

In other annoying kid news, Emma, Kristy’s cousin, is put in time-out. I don’t remember time-out being used at any other time in the series. Usually the BSC girls are able to discipline kids in other ways. Emma totally deserves it in this instance, but she’s left in time-out for half an hour. That’s way too long.

Sadly, there are no fashion faux pas, but Kristy does state that Stacey looks like a 13-year-old Madonna (of course, this was back when Madonna didn’t look like a Tim Burton character) and that Claudia would look like her, too, if she weren’t Japanese-American.

Dawn manages to get her own “shut up” moment, even in the middle of a story all about Kristy. She writes in a diary entry, “Today was another bright, sunny day, thank goodness, and almost as warm as a nice September day in California.” It’s June in Connecticut. I’ve never been in Connecticut in June, but I’ve been near there in May, and it can get pretty hot. All this is to say, shut up, Dawn.

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  1. kylie90210 said,

    Hahaha, I love this book, but your points are valid!

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