November 15, 2009

BSC #10, Logan Likes Mary Anne!: People from the South Talk Funny

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Sorry, son, that hand's gonna have to come off

Summary: There’s a cute new boy at school named Logan Bruno, and the BSC girls want him to join the club. Except having a boy at meetings makes them awkward, and Mary Anne is especially tongue-tied because she thinks Logan is cute. They start hanging out, and even when Mary Anne has embarrassing moments, Logan stays interested in her. He also proves to be good with kids, as evidenced by the way he handles a disastrous experience sitting for Jackie Rodowsky (making his first appearance in the BSC-verse). Logan agrees to become an associate member of the club – he’ll take jobs but doesn’t have to attend meetings – and he and Mary Anne are on their way to a relationship. Oh, and she gets a cat.

The B plot also involves Mary Anne – it’s her 13th birthday, and Stacey comes up with the idea to throw her a surprise party. Except it’s Mary Anne, and shy girl + big surprise = disaster, so everyone ends up regretting the decision. Of course, it all works out.

Thoughts: Someone should have known that throwing Mary Anne a surprise party was a bad idea. The girl hates being the center of attention, and a surprise party would have put her right there. I find it hard to believe that even Kristy, her lifelong best friend, wouldn’t point out that they should come up with something else to do. Though Mary Anne’s reaction (running away) wasn’t exactly reasonable either. So maybe it’s a draw.

I’ve always found the phonetic spelling-out of how Logan speaks amusing, because my brothers grew up in Louisville and never talked like Logan. I think Ann M. Martin/the ghostwriter was confusing a Louisville accent for a deep-south accent. Logan would fit in well in Savannah.

This book features one of the more memorable BSC outfits, Mary Anne’s “famous-cities skirt.” It’s “a full white skirt with the words Paris, Rome, and London, and sketchy pink and blue pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Tower Bridge, and other stuff scrawled all over it.” I bet if that skirt actually existed, lots of  ’80s girls would have bought one.

Dawn actually eats birthday cake in this book, then washes out her mouth. I’m surprised she ate the cake and didn’t complain about it for ten minutes. Of course, at this point in the series, she hadn’t yet reached her maximum level of irritation.


  1. Dawn Schafer said,

    Of course I ate the cake. It was my stepsister-to-be’s birthday, for goodness sake. And may I ask, when was it that I reached my maximum level of irritation? Surely Mary Anne herself, who cries at the drop of a HAT, is far more irritating than I, from the BEGINNING of the babysitter’s club to the sad end. Hmph.

  2. Cherie said,

    I wanted that skirt so badly, I cannot even tell you. I fantasized about it. I think I even sketched out what it would look like. I can picture it in my tween-aged mind’s eye right now.

    I just came across your blog, and I just wanted to say that I LOVE IT. It’s completely hilarious. I loved the BSC as a kid, and my relationship with SVH sounds like it was similar to yours–I read a lot of the Sweet Valley Twins books for some reason but I didn’t go wild for SVH, mainly because I was just a little young for them. When I did read them they already seemed dated (I was like, what the f is a Fiat?) and a little cheesy (not that BSC and Sweet Valley Twins weren’t, but…hindsight!).

    Anyway, I am in the process of reading the archives here, so I will get back to it. Great blog!

  3. Jenn said,

    Thanks! And honestly, the books being dated is part of what makes them so fun.

  4. notemily said,

    That skirt, omg. It would be so awesome if it existed in real life. I find it funny that most of the girls’ outfits are so over-the-top and dated, but everyone still wants that one skirt.

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