November 21, 2009

BSC #11, Kristy and the Snobs: I Totally Did Not Cry While Reading This Book

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Shannon's Mini Me has her own cat of evilness

Summary: Kristy’s having trouble getting along with the rich kids in her new neighborhood, especially Shannon Kilbourne, who’s mad that the BSC girls have moved in on her territory. They engage in a series of juvenile pranks – Shannon actually goes for the old order-a-pizza-and-make-the-other-person-pay-for-it trick – and eventually…just kind of stop fighting. I don’t know, it’s weird. But the BSC girls end up inviting Shannon to become an associate member. And this is the only book where Shannon is heavily featured, so don’t get too attached.

The more memorable plot, however, revolves around the Thomases’ dog, Louie, and his health problems. He develops arthritis that gets so bad, they eventually decide to put him down. And it’s actually really sad and made me dread having to reread the book. But Shannon brings the Thomases one of her dog’s puppies, as sort of a peace offering, and they’re able to move on. Except David Michael names the puppy Shannon, so thanks for confusing everyone, DM.

The B plot introduces us to the Delaney kids, who will also be featured in book 39. Amanda, who’s eight, is the epitome of snobby and makes me not blame Kristy for thinking everyone in the neighborhood is a snob. Amanda and her younger brother Max are brats who bosses Kristy around when she sits for them, marking possibly the only time Kristy actually takes crap from someone. But then Stacey sits for the kids, packing some reverse psychology in her Kid Kit, and turns them into normal kids.

Thoughts: Louie’s death really is pretty emotional, especially for anyone who’s experienced the death of a pet. These books are usually so innocent and mostly fun, and it’s a jolt to come across a plot like this. Poor Louie.

In later books, Shannon – who really is barely mentioned ever again, except in the obligatory second-chapter club descriptions – seems like such a nice person, but she’s a real witch here. The pranks she pulls on Kristy are mostly dumb and harmless, except for one: She calls Kristy while she’s sitting and tells her the house she’s in is on fire. What a lovely person.

Shannon also introduces herself to Kristy using her full name. Who does that?

Stacey’s usage of reverse psychology on the Delaney kids is her most awesome moment ever. No wonder Stacey likes Mary Poppins so much – she kind of is Mary Poppins. Except with more of a challenge. No one ever wanted to shove Michael and Jane down a flight of stairs.

For such a sad book, it actually contains a pretty good joke. Karen tells the BSC girls that the ghost of Ben Brewer, which she believes haunts the house, sometimes chases her down the hall: “He says otherwise he never gets any exercise.” Mary Anne replies, “You mean any e-x-o-r-c-i-s-e?” Who knew the mouse could bring the funny?

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  1. Alison said,

    Oh, I always HATED all the exposition (or “the explaining” as I called it when I read these as a kid) usually found in chapter two in this series. It always went on for, what, ten pages at least? I know there could have been new readers to the series for any of the issues, but they might have tried to keep that drivel to a minimum.

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