December 5, 2009

SVH #16, Rags to Riches: Motive? What Motive?

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Roger proves that popped collars never looked good

Summary: Roger moves in with the Patmans, his newly acquired family, and tries to adjust to life as a rich snob. Jessica wants him, for some reason, and decides to get his girlfriend Olivia out of the way by showing her and Roger how out-of-place Olivia is in his new life. It works until Roger figures it all out and…does nothing, really. I mean, he gets back together with Olivia, but it’s not like he comes up with some nefarious plot to teach Jessica a lesson or anything.

In the B plot, Regina has been meeting some mysterious older man, which makes everyone at SVH gossip about her. It turns out she’s been hired to do some modeling, but for some reason she doesn’t just come out and say it. So then she appears on a magazine cover and…uh, that’s it.

Thoughts: This book would have been more interesting if it had better developed the contrast between Roger, who’s suddenly rich, and Bruce, who’s been rich his whole life. Instead, Bruce barely makes an appearance and doesn’t seem to have an opinion either way about having a long-lost cousin. Instead the drama comes from Olivia and Roger’s relationship, and it makes no sense. Oh, no, Olivia doesn’t fit in! Well, neither does Roger, so what’s the big deal?

Also, why does Jessica want to go out with Roger? I guess she’s just a golddigger. (Yeah, like you’re surprised.) It just comes out of the blue. Maybe she’s gotten so horrible that now she just wants to break up couples for the heck of it. I wouldn’t put it past her.

And what does Lila have against Regina? When she finds out Regina’s been modeling, she gets really jealous and wants to put a stop to it. What does she care? Has she ever even interacted with Regina? I thought Regina was so perfect and loveable that no one could ever hate her. Also, we’re reminded again and again that she’s beautiful. Is Lila allowed to hate other beautiful people? I thought she was only allowed to hate the ugly and/or poor.

I figured Hank Patman, Bruce’s father, would be a jerk, considering how awful his wife and son are, but he’s actually pretty okay. He accepts Roger into the family immediately, treats him like his own son, and tells him his friends are always welcome at the house. Of course, he’ll probably end up killing a puppy later just to prove me wrong, but as of this point, he’s not a bad guy.

Mrs. Patman, however, is just weird. She wears lounging pajamas to a barbecue. First of all, lounging pajamas? Those are different from pajamas you wear to bed? And who would wear them in front of guests? Hey, maybe she’s an alcoholic. Snobby, non-working wives of rich businessmen are usually alcoholics.

The mall contains stores called the Tennis Shop and the Designer Shop. Is the mall actually just called the Mall?

Unintenionally funniest quote of the book, regarding Jessica’s new “friendship” with Olivia: “Elizabeth couldn’t suppress a twinge of uneasiness about her sister’s newfound generosity. Was it possible Jessica had something else in mind other than good-natured friendship?” Is it possible I know more about Jessica than Elizabeth does?


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    Oh my god enjoyed reading your blogpost. I submitted your rss to my google reader.

  2. Celeste Chum said,

    I love your blog!!! Brings back so many memories.

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