December 6, 2009

SVH #17, Love Letters: Uh…You Wouldn’t Know Him. He Goes to Another School

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It says I may have already one a million dollars!

Summary: SVH’s resident gossip, Caroline Pearce, is tired of not having close friends or a boyfriend, so she makes one up – she literally pulls the old “my boyfriend goes to another school; you wouldn’t know him” trick. She even writes her own love letters, borrowing heavily from Robert Browning. That’s where she gets tripped up, though – Elizabeth has written a one-act play about Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning, and when Jessica hears a portion of a letter she includes in the play, she figures it all out.

Caroline gets clued in that Jessica and Lila are on to her, so she asks Elizabeth for help, and of course, Elizabeth delivers. She tells Todd what’s going on and he recruits a friend to play Caroline’s boyfriend at the party Lila throws for him. Caroline ends up confessing the truth anyway, but she gets a guy out of it, so she’s probably learned…well, nothing.

The B plot involves Alice being offered a job in San Francisco and the twins trying to convince her and Ned to stay in Sweet Valley. Since this series is called Sweet Valley High, not San Francisco High, they’re obviously not going anywhere. The C plot features Regina and Bruce getting involved, which rubs Elizabeth the wrong way, since she doesn’t think Bruce is capable of love, and she doesn’t want him to hurt Regina. I’m pretty sure Regina can take care of herself. And if she can’t, Nicholas will take care of Bruce.

Thoughts: I understand using the secondary and tertiary characters more, since that allows for a ton more plot possibilities, but who the heck cares about Caroline Pearce? Also, if she annoys so many people, how did she get into Pi Beta Alpha? And if she’s such a gossip, why do people talk to her?

Does there have to be a party in EVERY book? To quote both Buffy and Gilmore Girls, we’re verging on having a “somebody sneezed” party or a “day that ends in Y” party, with the theme of “hey, walking works – let’s drink.”

For those who like continuity, Dennis Creighton, Jessica’s brief secret boyfriend who turned out to be 15, makes a quick reappearance, for no apparent reason. Just thought I’d mention it.

I also thought I’d mention that Jessica is willing to take a bus at one point in this book. I’m surprised Lila willingly associates with a person who takes public transportation.

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