December 26, 2009

SVH #21, Runaway: They Should Have Let Her Go and Put Us All Out of Our Misery

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Just a steel-town girl on a Saturday night...

Summary: Jessica’s in an especially bratty mood, tired of everyone fawning over Elizabeth and never taking her seriously. She starts hanging out with a guy named Nicky Shepard who hangs out with a “fast crowd” and is rumored to be into drugs. Jessica finds that he’s actually a nice guy who happens to have family troubles, and he’s planning to run off to San Francisco. She decides to go with him since her family doesn’t pay enough attention to her or whatever her problem is. So she takes off, and they go after her, and she comes home, and it’s all a waste of my time.

In the B plot, Ricky Capaldo (from Wrong Kind of Girl) is having his own family problems – his father has left and his mom wants to keep his paternal grandparents from seeing him and his sister. Elizabeth gets stuck in the middle as her dad is the grandparents’ lawyer and Elizabeth wants to write an article about the proceedings, but Ricky understandably doesn’t want his personal life exposed to everyone in Sweet Valley. St. Elizabeth saves the day, though, by telling Ricky that he shouldn’t take out his anger at his dad on his grandparents, and they get a happy ending, too.

There’s also a very brief plot about Steven dropping out of college and being depressed over Tricia’s death, but that gets resolved without…well, anything, really, so who cares?

Thoughts: Is this the first time someone has actually wanted Jessica around? ‘Cause I would’ve just let her go to San Francisco and taken her room.

Sweet Valley teen parties sound completely unrealistic. Everyone dances; no one drinks, smokes, or does drugs; and people play Trivial Pursuit. Of course, this is also a town where teens don’t appear to have sex at all, so maybe it’s really Pleasantville.

Ned breaches attorney-client privilege with Elizabeth. Way to go, dude.

Caroline doesn’t gossip anymore? Then what good is she?

Jessica again gets in a car with a drunk driver, like she did in All Night Long. Again I have to question whether she’s some sort of weird exception to Darwin’s theories.

It’s so unfair that people say such mean things behind a person’s back, Jessica thought, conveniently forgetting how many times she had been guilty of spreading rumors.” Ha, even the ghostwriter hates Jessica.

And in another moment of Jessica being Jessica, she adds this little gem as a post-script to her I’m-running-away letter to Elizabeth: “I’m leaving you my new jeans. I think they make me look fat anyway.” I don’t think she knows what the word “identical” means.

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