January 16, 2010

SVH #25, Nowhere to Run: A Wicked Stepmother? No Way!

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This girl's a drummer in a rock band? I don't think so

Summary: Emily Mayer has a wicked stepmother, Karen, who thinks Emily’s bound to become a tramp like her mom (even though there’s no indication that her mom ever did anything trampy). Her father keeps giving in to Karen when she makes demands, so Emily can’t play her drums because her baby sister apparently needs peace and quiet 24 hours a day, and she receives a curfew for the first time in her life. Whenever Emily tries to reason with her father, he tells her that Karen needs all the help she can get.

Emily keeps going to Elizabeth for help and hanging out at the Wakefields’ so she doesn’t have to be at home. She’s afraid that Karen is going to talk her father into sending her to boarding school, which she thinks would kill her, because she can’t leave Sweet Valley! It’s a magical land of perfection! No one would ever want to leave there! Emily saves her sister from choking, but her father thinks she hurt the baby, so Emily runs off and plans to track down her mother and move in with her. Before she can, Karen finally starts talking, telling Mr. Mayer that Emily saved the baby and that she’s been annoying because she was jealous of all the attention Emily got from her father before. It’s a huge anticlimax, but whatever, happy ending, blah.

In the B plot, Ned’s parents are visiting and spending a ton of time with Jessica and Elizabeth, since they don’t get to see them a lot. Alice is jealous because she thinks her daughters don’t need her anymore. Uh, Alice, they’re 16. That means you’ve done what you were supposed to do. The conflict, if you want to call it that, ends when Ned tells the twins to get their mother involved in something so she feels needed, and they do.

There’s also a brief mention of Regina Morrow being back in town with her aunt…but she doesn’t have an aunt. The tease makes me excited for the next book, Hostage!, which kind of sounds awesome, so it better be.

Thoughts: Dear Emily, your stepmother’s daughter with your father is your half sister, not your stepsister. Pay more attention in biology.

Grandma Wakefield is getting her Ph.D. in American history. Rock on, Grandma.

Emily thinks a curfew of 10 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on weekends is unreasonable. What is she, a vampire?

Dan, Emily’s crush, wants to buy her drums for $200. Where does a high schooler get $200?

Emily’s father says that Karen is having a hrd time adjusting to having a baby and a teenage stepdaughter. Oh, sure. It takes everyone eight months to get used to taking care of a baby and two years to get used to a stepdaughter. Um, is everyone in this family clueless?

Bruce’s father has a cordless phone, which Bruce thinks is for lazy people. Wait till cell phones come out and blow his mind.

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