January 24, 2010

SVH #27, Lovestruck: Opposites Only Attract If the Girl Isn’t Annoying

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Ken looks more emo than lovestruck

Summary: Ken Matthews is dating this really annoying, pretentious, snobby girl named Suzanne Hanlon (not to be confused with Suzanne Devlin – someone get the ghostwriter a book of baby names). She’s all into artsy movies and stuff that Ken couldn’t care less about. She also thinks sports are dumb, so it makes complete sense that she would hook up with the school’s star quarterback. Shut up, Suzanne.

Ken’s on the verge of failing English, and when Elizabeth offers to help him (of course), he takes one of her short stories and turns it in as his own so he can pass the course. When she finds out, she tries to help him figure out what to do, but amazingly enough, he actually solves the problem on his own by pulling the story before it can be published in the Oracle and replacing it with a confessional story of his own. Suzanne’s embarrassed by his actions, because it’s all about her (she and Jessica would get along really well, I think), but even when she apologizes, Ken doesn’t take her back. All she wants to do is “grown-up” stuff that Ken isn’t into. I have no idea why he was attracted to her in the first place.

The stupid B plot is about Sweet Valley’s centennial celebration, which has been discussed in the past few books and which finally occurs, which means we get to stop talking about it now, right? Jessica is somehow in charge of a picnic, and she screws everything up, of course. That seemed inevitable. Just like Ken, she solves the problem on her own, mostly, so maybe Elizabeth will finally get the hint that she’s not actually needed anymore.

Thoughts: When Ken considers turning in one of Elizabeth’s stories as his own, he tries to talk himself out of it by noting that Elizabeth would be mad. Yeah, better to worry bout Elizabeth’s feelings than about plagiarism.

Who’s the idiot who put Jessica in charge of the picnic? That person deserves peanut butter and jelly for trusting her with anything. That’s how Jessica handles her problem, by the way – she didn’t confirm the food order, so she makes sandwiches and buys chips for everone. Bruce spins the situation to make her look good by telling everyone that she did it to cut down on the food budget. When did Bruce get so nice? Especially to Jessica. This can’t last, can it?

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