February 15, 2010

BSC #30, Mary Anne and the Great Romance: You and Me Could Write a Great Romance

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They're as scared of the bouquet as I am of their dresses

Summary: Mary Anne’s father and Dawn’s mother announce that they’re getting married, even though they really haven’t been back together for very long, and they’ve been seeing other people. But whatever, we all knew this was inevitable. Mary Anne and Dawn are really excited at the prospect of being stepsisters, until Mary Anne learns that Sharon doesn’t like cats, and that they’ll all be moving into the Schafers’ house. Nothing really gets resolved, since nothing’s going to change about the situation, no matter how Mary Anne feels about it, and in fact, the book ends on a cliffhanger. Well, “cliffhanger.” No one really cares who catches Sharon’s bouquet.

In the B plot, the BSC girls are trying to help Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold, who are engaged in a sibling-rivalry battle. Mary Anne solves it by suggesting that they not share a room anymore. A boring end to a boring plot.

Thoughts: Claudia wears a shocking-pink tunic over a white shirt with pink and yellow umbrellas on it, a yellow belt with a pink buckle, black knickers, and yellow stockings. Who wears knickers, other than people who work at Colonial Williamsburg?

Marilyn makes up a friend named Gozzie Kunka. What, Jane Smith was taken?

Marilyn also splits her and Carolyn’s room down the middle with masking tape. Wow, ghostwriter, what a fantastically original idea that no one has ever thought of before!

Mary Anne buys Sharon a charm that’s a replica of a Stoneybrook High School class ring because she knows Sharon never got one. That’s actually pretty awesome.

Kristy tells Mary Anne that Logan attending a BSC meeting isn’t “club policy.” I think she’s just bitter that he told her he would only join the club if he didn’t have to go to meetings.

Mary Anne imagines her and Dawn’s bridesmaids dresses being pale pink with lace collars, and she wants them to wear straw hats. Will Anne Shirley be attending as well?

Dawn and Mary Anne place the other BSC girls on the guest list for the wedding before mentioning family members or their parents’ coworkers. They’re almost as self-centered as Jessica Wakefield.

Apparently Richard, Sharon, and Dawn all agree that Richard and Mary Anne will move into the Schafers’ house…and then don’t tell Mary Anne. That’s a pretty crappy move.

Mary Anne suggests that Marilyn and Carolyn live in separate bedrooms because they’re so different, but then she agrees to share a room with Dawn. Someone’s not listening….

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  1. notemily said,

    But what happened to the kitty??

    I remember Gozzie Kunka–what a weird name.

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