March 5, 2010

SVH #32, The New Jessica: Meet the New Jessica, Same as the Old Jessica

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Jessica looks so horrible, I can't think of anything snarky to say

Summary: Jessica’s tired of being a twin, so she dyes her hair, starts wearing Lila’s expensive clothes, and talks with a vaguely British accent to stand out and get attention. It makes her even more annoying than normal, if you can believe it. Elizabeth is hurt by Jessica’s makeover because she feels like Jessica’s against her personally, when she really just wants attention. Of course, she never bothers to actually say so to Jessica’s face. Jessica tries to land a modeling gig, but her new look doesn’t appeal to the photographer or fashion-show director who want to work with her – they want someone who looks like Elizabeth. Jessica can’t convince them that they’re identical and that she can change her look back, so she gets Elizabeth to accept the job, then takes her place. She’s dumb enough to have her parents show up without telling them about the switch, though, so she gets busted, but no one cares, and Elizabeth makes the show, too. Because, as usual, beauty is everything in Sweet Valley.

The B plot is tied into the A plot – Elizabeth thinks Jeffrey is really interested in Jessica, which leads to a fight, which leads to a breakup. Somewhere in there Elizabeth loses her journal, which is a pointless development, but it allows Jessica to read the journal and realize that Elizabeth’s upset with her change. Eh, who cares?

Thoughts: Elizabeth says she takes it as a compliment when people say she and Jessica are exactly alike. Um, WHY? Who wants to be compared to Jessica??

Enid thinks Jessica had her makeover to get attention. Enid, Jessica does everything to get attention. Where have you been?

Jessica really thinks she can be a model at five-six? Oh, right. Logic. Never mind.

Jessica is offered $500 for six hours of work. I hate her even more now for making so much more money than me while being only 16 and having no marketable skills or brains.

Jessica makes a move on Jeffrey about five seconds after Elizabeth tells her they’re probably through. That’s a new low, even for Jessica.

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