March 26, 2010

SVH #34, Forbidden Love: It’s Not So Much Forbidden as Just Frowned Upon

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That dude’s actually kind of hot

Summary: Time for another book about random characters we know next to nothing about. Michael Harris and Maria Santelli’s parents are engaged in a family feud, but Michael and Maria are in love and, for some reason, engaged. (What 16-year-olds get engaged?) All of their friends are really excited for them, because it’s a boring week in the S.V., but Michael and Maria start fighting more and more, mostly because he’s jealous of her friendship with Winston Egbert. Yes, you read that right, someone’s jealous of Winston. It’s a turvy-topsy world.

Michael gets so jealous that he announces that he’s running for student council…something, which is what Winston was planning to do, and somehow this results in Maria giving back the engagement ring and figuring out that she likes Winston instead. I repeat – Maria leaves Michael for Winston. This happened, people. In the meantime, Maria and Michael’s parents have heard (from Caroline Pearce’s mom, proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) that they’re at a Lila-sponsored engagement party, and as they head over to deal with that, they miraculously work out their feud. Yeah, this wasn’t exactly Spencer/Cassadine-level stuff. Whatever, everyone has a happy ending.

The B plot is intertwined with the A plot – a bunch of the students at SVH are involved in a school project where they simulate married life. The ghostwriter really misses out on the chance to do something interesting with that situation.

Thoughts: Books and TV shows love to have high schoolers participate in fake-marriage projects, but has anyone ever actually done one in real life?

Annie remarks, “Ricky sure knows how to tire a girl out.” That’s what she – oh, wait, they used to date. Too easy.

Dang it, why couldn’t Jessica be fake-married to Bruce?

I’m so sure a 17-year-old earned enough money for a diamond ring by working part-time as a mechanic at a gas station. I’m not at all suspicious that it’s really cubic zirconia.


  1. Kate said,

    The ghostwriter probably couldn’t do something interesting, because the situation was already its own A plot in Sweet Valley Twins: The Middle School Gets Married

    Given that, it’s a good thing that Jessica wasn’t fake-married to Bruce, as Bruce is Elizabeth’s fake-ex-husband, and those sorts of situations always get messy (though it seems it might be in character for Jess.)

    I can’t express how sad I am that I remembered this was a plot to a SVT book. I think it’s because I probably had daydreams about how cool it would be if my school did it and I could be fake-married to my crush du jour. Also, they had egg babies they had to care for. Wow, that one really stuck with me!

    • Jenn said,

      Given that Jessica shows an interest in Todd at various points, she probably doesn’t care about the messiness of dating Elizabeth’s exes. You’re right, it’s totally in character for her. She just goes after whatever she wants.

      A lot of books had that fake-marriage plotline, which I doubt was done in reality very much. And most schools have robot babies instead of eggs, which makes sense because it’s easy to replace your egg if it breaks. (Or you can just hardboil it, like Xander.)

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