April 9, 2010

SVH Special Edition, Spring Fever: Who Called the Dating Police?

Posted in books tagged , , , at 7:55 pm by Jenn

Like Jessica would be caught dead in gingham

Summary: Jessica and Elizabeth go visit their great-aunt and -uncle in Kansas. It’s as boring as it sounds. No, even more boring. Jessica falls in looooooove (of course) with a guy named Alex who claims to have an identical twin named Brad, who Elizabeth starts hanging out with. Except there’s a twist! Alex is Brad! He doesn’t have a twin! I totally didn’t see that coming AT ALL! Elizabeth tries to get revenge on Alex for being a scumball and dating sisters at the same time, but she basically chickens out and lets it go, because Elizabeth can’t do anything right, even get revenge. And she never tells Jessica, for some reason.

Adding complications to Jessica’s loooooooove affair is the fact that her great-aunt and -uncle are really strict about boys, and they don’t want the twins dating while they’re visiting, so Jessica has to sneak out to meet Alex. The great-aunt and -uncle are really unreasonable about the boy thing, and kind of overstep their boundaries in terms of telling the girls what they can and can’t do. Chill out, they’re not your kids. If they get pregnant, it’s not your problem.

The equally boring B plot is that some girl in town, Annie Sue (yes, really), has it out for the twins because she’s heard they’re awesome and she’s worried that they’ll be more awesome than her. Not possible, A.S. She catches Jessica out with Alex and blackmails her (for fashion accessories, which is kind of awesome in a cheesy way) in exchange for not telling her great-aunt and -uncle what she’s been doing. But then Jessica saves Annie Sue while she’s on a runaway horse, and suddenly everything’s okay and they’re, like, best friends. Which is why I finally added a tag that says “near-death experience makes everything okay.”

Thoughts: This was easily the most boring SVH book so far. I can’t believe I got through it. People think Kansas is a boring place, so why would we read a book that takes place there? Other than The Wizard of Oz, of course. No offense to anyone in Kansas – I just don’t think of it as a happening place. Also, I wonder what ned and Alice had to promise Jessice to get her to go there.

Jessica seems surprised to be randomly hated by another girl. You’d think she’d be used to it. Also, of course Annie Sue doesn’t like Jessica. They’re exactly alike.

Any book that ends with a square dance automatically sucks.

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