April 17, 2010

SVH #36, Last Chance: Girls With Low Self-Esteem, Part 2

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She's supposed to have dark hair, cover artist. Way to read the book

Summary: Johanna Porter, who dropped out of SVH before the series began, decides to return to school to honor her late mother’s wishes. She feels like an outsider, mostly because teenagers are mean and think she’s stupid. She also feels like an outsider in her own family, since her father and sister Julie are talented musicians and Johanna doesn’t love music as much as they do. What (or who) Johanna does love is Peter, Amy Sutton’s self-absorbed boyfriend. Peter is a big brain on his way to MIT, and seems to return Johanna’s feelings…as long as Amy isn’t around. He asks Johanna out, then ignores her when they’re back in school.

Though Johanna’s doing all right in terms of schoolwork, and even showing a never-before-noticed aptitude for math and science, Peter’s behavior towards her makes her decide to drop out again. Fortunately, Johanna figures things out for herself, realizing that boys are dumb and she can be awesome on her own. Or something like that. She goes back to school and doesn’t get together with Peter, who’s already dumped Amy. Finally, a girl in Sweet Valley who knows she doesn’t need a guy to complete her!

Jessica’s kind of in that same camp, in that she doesn’t want to be tied down by one guy (though that’s more so she can date anyone she wants), and doesn’t think anyone else should be, either. And by “anyone else,” I mean Steven and Cara. Jessica decides that they both need more independence, so she uses psychological warfare to make them mad at each other. They figure out what’s going on and get back together, and though Steven wants revenge, he doesn’t get any, at least not yet. Fingers crossed.

Thoughts: It only took me 36+ books, but I think I’ve figured this seires out: someone has a problem and confides in Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Jessica does something stupid. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Why is Jessica so in favor of Cara and Steven seeing other people? Didn’t she help them get together?

Johanna wears a flowered jumper and a Victorian lace blouse. Each of those is horrible separately; together, they’re an explosion of awfulness.

No way is the school brain also a jock, and no way is he dating a cheerleader, especially not one as vapid as Amy freaking Sutton.

Sweet Valley College is an hour away from Sweet Valley High? How big is this town? (Answer: big enough to fit Jessica’s ego and all of Lila’s shoes. Rimshot!)

Cara, if you’re dumb enough to take relationship advice from Jessica, you deserve whatever the result is.

Speaking of dumb – hey, Elizabeth, if you tell Jessica a secret, you should be surprised when she doesn’t spill it. You should learn after the first experience – fool me once and all that. To quote Joey from Friends, pigeons learn faster than you.

Steven and Cara fix their relationship through communication. Boring!


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