April 18, 2010

BSC #37, Dawn and the Older Boy: My Fair Dawnie

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If Travis is 16, I’m -2

Summary: Dawn falls in luv with Kristy’s brothers’ friend Travis, who’s 16 and from California. Travis buys her presents and takes her out to eat and shop, suggesting that she cut her hair and wear it a certain way. Dawn thinks he’s in luv with her as well, even though he’s 16 and she’s 13, because really, I can’t say that enough. HE’S 16. SHE’S 13. IT’S GROSS. Then Dawn learns that Travis is seeing someone else, so she stalks them, then confronts them. Travis doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong by making Dawn think he’s interested in her while he’s dating someone else. Of course, he also doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with being a 13-year-old girl’s sugar daddy.

Dawn’s mom, Richard, and Mary Anne all think Travis is bad news, and Mary Anne thinks the situation sounds very Pygmalion/My Fair Lady-ish. She figures out how much Travis is controlling Dawn after seeing the way one of the Hobart boys is being controlled by a friend. She lets Dawn know, and eventually Dawn calls Travis to tell him he’s a controlling jerk and she’s done with him. I think he was really done with her first, but whatever.

The B plot involves the Hobart and Perkins kids putting on a cute little play about a dog lost in the mall. They use Chewy, the Perkinses’ hyperactive dog, as the play’s star, with predictably disastrous results.

Thoughts: I think this was an attempt to address issues like dating violence and bad relationships, but in a series aimed at kids who are in middle school and younger, it doesn’t quite work. It also doesn’t really make sense that Travis has basically two conversations with Dawn in which he tries to be controlling, and Dawn makes it seem like he does it all the time. What also doesn’t make sense is that Dawn would let herself be controlled – doesn’t she pride herself on being individual and independent?

What kind of creepy 16-year-old guy wants to hang out with a 13-year-old girl? Also, how did Travis find out where Dawn lived? And who buys presents for a girl he’s only met once? Then tells her to cut her hair so it’ll have more lift? (That last one gives me some completely different ideas about Travis….)

I call total bull on Kristy having a “fluffy pink quilt.” Do your research, ghostwriter.

Dawn thinks about telling Travis that she doesn’t eat meat, but she loses her nerve. When has Dawn ever not told someone she’s a vegetarian? Like I said, I can’t see Dawn letting herself be controlled.

Travis’ secret girlfriend wears a white cotton flight suit. What the–?


  1. I always loved this one, but I had a huge lady boner for all the BSC books that dealt with boys, makeovers and the mall. (cliche, yes)

    I still remember Dawn ordering grilled cheese when she went out with Travis. And just typing that is making me hungry.

  2. Sadako said,

    Agreed. Mondo creepiness. For someone who was so wholesome in her writing, Ann M. Martin sure sanctioned a LOT of age differences in relationships. There was Luca in the movie (the ONLY older BSC guy to have a normal reaction to dating a 13 year old), Travis, Ethan, Sam (noticing a Stacey theme?), Toby (well, when he wanted to date Mallory!), and in CA Diaries, there was Amalia and James. WTF?

  3. Ami said,

    Other ideas is right what guy gives a girl advice on her hair?

  4. Soraya said,

    Don’t forget that he even told Dawn to get another hole in her ear so she could wear the earrings he picked out for her. What a weirdo.

  5. Alison said,

    I remember Dawn describing the cool way she did her hair, by braiding and gelling it, letting it set, then undoIng the braids. I still do that sometimes, when I want to go for that 80s, kinky/crimps vibe.

    • Alison said,

      In this issue, I mean.

  6. Ellie said,

    Check out the Texas tuxedo on Travis on the cover! I’d say your “other ideas” about him are spot-on!

  7. amanda said,

    butt face travis

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