May 10, 2010

BSC Super Special #5, California Girls!: Neither Super Nor Special

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Enjoy this picture, 'cause it's the only one we get

Summary: The BSC girls win the lottery (…just go with it) and decide to spend the money on a two-week trip to California. It’s a super special, so everyone gets a storyline:

Dawn is really frustrated with Carol, her dad’s girlfriend, who hangs out with the BSC girls the whole time, in some ways acting like a teenager. Carol eventually acts more like an adult and Dawn realizes that she’s much more likable that way. She tells her father that she’d be okay with him marrying Carol, and even writes Carol a letter telling her all of her feelings.

Claudia meets a guy named Terry who, as she describes him, is basically a male Janine. They have a couple of awkward dates because Claudia feels dumb compared to him, but when she finally relaxes and is herself, things click. Of course, they’re only 13 and live on opposite sides of the country, so this will never go anywhere.

Stacey takes up surfing and hangs out with a bunch of high schoolers. They get into a car wreck because the driver is a complete idiot, and she realizes that she was doing unsafe things. (No one mentions that she was spending her whole vacation with people who weren’t the friends she came to California with, but whatever.)

Mallory wants to be a California girl so badly that she dyes her hair blond. She still gets overlooked, including by a casting director, and her friends have to beat it into her that they liked the old Mallory better. No word what they’ll do about her apparent body dysmorphic disorder.

Jessi has pretty much the same plot she did in Jessi and the Superbrat, even down to having Derek Masters in the story. Nothing happens.

Mary Anne is a walking guide book. She also babysits for a girl named Stephie who has asthma, and freaks out and becomes overprotective, a lot like her father. The girl does eventually have an asthma attack, but it’s after Mary Anne has already calmed down about the whole thing, so she’s able to handle the situation well.

Kristy wants to show up the We ♥ Kids Club, Dawn’s friends’ sorry BSC rip-off, so she accepts a sitting job with two little hellions. She proceeds to suck at keeping them under control. I always knew she was all talk.

Thoughts: I’m sad that there are no ridiculous pictures in this super special. That’s what usually makes them so special! And super!

Even though I’ve never been in her situation, I understand Dawn’s feelings toward Carol. I’m sure a lot of 13-year-old daddy’s girls would find their father’s new girlfriend annoying. But Dawn shows a lot of maturity in starting to accept Carol and even respect her.

Why would you buy a lottery ticket for your 13-year-old daughter? And why would all of the BSC girls’ parents let them spend their $1,428.57 each on a trip instead of college or something? Especially Mary Anne’s father or Mallory’s parents, who just had a bout of unemployment and have to send eight kids to college?

Claudia wears a red shirt with sombreros and cacti on it, blue and white striped pants, polka-dotted suspenders, an engineer’s cap, and cowboy boot earrings. Where did she get an engineer’s cap?

Dawn asks for chicken on the plane. Shoot the ghostwriter.

I’m sorry, Mallory knows how a mortgage works but not what asthma is? And she knows who Marilyn Monroe is but not who Alfred Hitchcock is? You guys, Mallory’s a moron.

Ten-year-olds listen to the Grateful Dead? Really?

The girls keep going to the mall. They’re spending their lottery winnings at the freaking mall. This is why teenagers shouldn’t have access to so much money.

If I were Mr. Schafer and my daughter’s friend dyed her hair without her parents’ permission while she was in my care, I would be on the phone with her parents so fast, it would reverse the Earth’s rotation and we would travel back in time to before the dye was ever purchased.

Jessi thinks Derek will have her picked up in a limo, and she plans to say, “This is just like the one at home.” Jessi’s imagination rivals Karen’s.

Kristy thinks the We ♥ Kids Club has a stupid name. Well, yes, but it’s not like the BSC has the most original name.

Claudia describes Universal Studios as “a theme park like Disney land but it isn’t Disneyland.” Who says Claud is dumb?

Mary Anne corrects Jessi’s grammar. Shut up and read your tour books, Frommer’s.

What’s up with Terry being 13 and liking French restaurants and foreign films? That’s just…not normal.

Jenny Prezzioso wants to name her new baby brother or sister Yucky Toilet. Now that is realistic for a four-year-old.

Every time I hear something about Elaine Stritch, I think of this book, since she appears on Derek’s TV show. I’m weird.

Why does Stacey have to tell her parents she was in a car accident but Mallory doesn’t have to tell her parents she dyed her hair? It would be much more in keeping with Mallory’s ongoing loser-ness for things to happen the other way around.


  1. Amiee said,

    I always thought they all looked so sophisticated on the cover even Mallory but she does not look 11 at all!

  2. Sadako said,

    So true, Amiee. Mal has MAD LEGS on that cover for an eleven year old.

    I also thought it was bizarre that 13 year olds sat in fright at Vertigo. It’s a good movie but not really all that scary. More suspenseful. I can’t really imagine girls growing up in the post slasher age being afraid of it. Then again these are Ann’s girls who grew up on Haley Mills.

  3. Jenn said,

    And Stacey (assuming she’s the one in the tiny pink bikini) has a perfectly toned body for a 13-year-old.

    I’m surprised they showed “Vertigo” in a plane. This would have been back before people could choose which movie they wanted to watch. Wouldn’t they show a movie that’s a little more appropriate for kids who might be on the plane?

  4. Alison said,

    On almost ALL the covers, these middle schoolers look like grown women.

    • Jenn said,

      And the ghostwriter always mentions how Stacey perfectly fills out her bikini, like, yeah, I believe that about a skinny 13-year-old.

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