May 16, 2010

BSC #40, Claudia and the Middle School Mystery: Sisters are Doing it for Themselves

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Yeah, like Claudia would ever wear clothes that normal

Summary: Claudia does some major studying for her math class, in preparation for a test, and gets an A- on it. But then she’s accused of cheating off of a girl named Shawna, though it’s clear that Shawna’s the cheater. Claudia and the BSC girls decide to take matters into their own hands and prove that Shawna’s lying about the cheating, but they can’t come up with any good ideas. It’s Janine who manages to save the day by convincing Claudia’s teacher and the principal to let Claudia retake the test. She does, getting an even better score, and proves that she wouldn’t have cheated because she knew the material. Confronted, Shawna has to ‘fess up.

In the B plot, the Pike triplets are grounded after one of them breaks a window and none of them will tell who was responsible. Mallory has them reenact the incident and show that it was an accident. (Did the Pikes think they broke the window on purpose? I know they’re wild, but they’re not juvnile delinquents…or are they?)

Thoughts: Shawna really is dumb if she thinks cheating off of Claudia would be helpful.

Thanks to the word problem on the first page, to this day, when I hear the name Gertrude, I think of chocolate.

A 94 is an A-? Grading at SMS is tough.

Claudia describes Mallory as “kind of quiet.” Not as quiet as I’d like.

Apparently Claudia can always remember what she was wearing on any given day. There’s a skill you wish you had on your résumé.

Mary Anne doesn’t believe Claudia when she says she didn’t cheat, then cries when Kristy chastises her. How did I never realize before how annoying Mary Anne is?

Claudia tells the BSC girls that her parents wanted to talk to the principal about the cheating accusation, and Kristy says, “I think it’s best if we handled this ourselves.” And the Kishis are cool with that? Wow, they really do love Janine more than Claudia.

Mary Anne thinks gossiping is mean. You know what else is mean? No believing your friend when she tells you she didn’t cheat. Keep gossiping, girls.

Dawn suggests looking for evidence in Shawna’s locker. Stacey says it would be breaking the law and Mallory asks if they would need a search warrant. Why is everyone in this book a moron except Claudia and Janine?

The BSC girls seem to think they tricked Cokie into incriminating herself in Mary Anne’s Bad-Luck Mystery and Kristy’s Mystery Admirer. (Why do all these books have “mystery” in their titles?) No, girls, she was dumb enough to incriminate herself all on her own. Of course, Claudia thinks that making Shawna incriminate herself involves saying “copy” a bunch of times to see if she can get a reaction out of Shawna and writing, “If you can read this, you are a cheater and you might as well admit it.” in her notes, so maybe they just don’t know what that word means.

Claudia’s supposedly wild outfit with a sea theme is actually her tamest ever.


  1. Amiee said,

    I remember the cover more than the actual storyline of this one. I think the title is a little misleading, makes it sounds like a whole school incident not just Claud being accused of cheating. Suppose in the BSC world, it is That big!

  2. Jenn said,

    What I love about the cover is that Shawna isn’t even trying to hide that she did something. She really is an idiot.

    A lot of the mystery books have the same title issue, where they’re vague or misleading. I wonder if the title came before the plot?

  3. Sadako said,

    I didn’t interpret that as MA saying she didn’t believe Claudia, just that even if Claud really did cheat, they’d forgive her. To be totally honest, I’m still not entirely sure Claudia didn’t cheat…if she’d gotten a C+, maybe, but she got a freaking A!

  4. Jenn said,

    Still…the crying. That girl is never going to survive in the real world.

  5. Sadako said,

    She would rock the reality show word, though. If you watch Project Runway and take a swig every time someone cries on the runway (or in interview, or at Mood…), you’re gonna be super buzzed. Claudia may be the better artist, but MA wins at crying.

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