June 1, 2010

BSC #43, Stacey’s Emergency: Therapy for Everyone!

Posted in books tagged , , , at 10:53 pm by Jenn

I love the antennae!

Summary: Stacey’s tired of having diabetes, sticking to a diet, not feeling well, etc., so she starts sneaking chocolate. She starts feeling worse and worse until, on a visit with her father in New York, she ends up in the hospital. That’s pretty much the whole book. Eventually she yells at her parents to stop fighting and using her as a go-between, and the three agree to communicate better. Sadly, no one suggests that they all go to therapy, which is clearly what they all need.

Speaking of people who need therapy, Charlotte responds to Stacey’s illness by becoming a hypochondriac/drama queen. The girl knows way too much about various medical conditions for an eight-year-old. She “recovers” when she learns Stacey will be okay, and that’s the end of that.

Thoughts: I would totally stay at Charlotte and Becca’s Grand Sparkle-Glitter Hotel. (I imagine Adam Lambert performs there nightly.)

Mary Anne asks Stacey to bring her table scraps from anyone famous she meets in New York. While we’re on the subject of therapy, has anyone suggested taking Mary Anne to a psychiatrist? Also, I would like to second, third, and courth what Kristy says: “If, for whatever reason, I ever wind up as a celebrity, don’t let Mary Anne near me.” Hee hee hee.

Who brought Stacey a hat that says “Daddy’s little hunting buddy”? It sounds like something I’d get for one of my friends as a joke. These are the same people who would give me birthday cards that said, “Happy fifth birthday to Grandpa’s little girl.”


  1. Amiee said,

    The cover and title are misleading again imo, it looks like her emergency is related to babysitting not her own secret chocolate cravings!

  2. Jenn said,

    Or a Martian invasion…

  3. Sadako said,

    Haha. I would mock Charlotte but I’m basically a neurotic adult version of her. Every single time I get something remotely wrong with me I freak out. At least it’s not to go to hospital to be with my babysitter. I’m definitely insane.

    I always wished Mr. McGill in particular would become a better dad. His idea of being a dad seems to be, “Ooh, throw money at her!”

  4. Jenn said,

    Mr. and Mrs. McGill are both pretty crappy parents in this book. They won’t be in the same room together even though their daughter’s in the hospital. I love when Stacey yells at them and kicks them out of her room. When your 13-year-old is more mature than you are, you have a problem.

  5. Ami said,

    Mr. and Mrs. McGill suck seriously their daughter is in the hospital and their more worried about being in the same room together.

  6. Natalie said,

    Well, Charlotte’s mother *is* a doctor, so it does kind of make sense that she knows a lot about diseases.

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