June 12, 2010

BSC #44, Dawn and the Big Sleepover: Kids are Awesome

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See what happens when you do nice things? You get smacked in the head with a pillow

Summary: A bunch of the BSC girls’ clients are pen pals with a group of Zuni kids in New Mexico. The Zunis’ school burns down and the fire damages the homes of some of the families in the area. Dawn is stricken by the news and decides that she, the BSC girls, and the kids need to mobilize to help out. They organize food and clothes drives, and the kids do various other things to raise money, like holding a mini-carnival (the Pike kids) and telling fortunes (the awesome Haley Braddock). The reward for everyone’s hard work is a big sleepover, also organized by the BSC girls (but headed up by Dawn). They raise a ton of money, enjoy their reward, and are proud of themselves for being so helpful.

Thoughts: I find it hard to snark on this book because, embarrassingly enough, I find it pretty touching. Dawn’s only 13 and she basically takes on this huge task all by herself. With the exception of a few teachers and parents who help out, everyone who raises money is a kid or teenager. You guys, it’s heartwarming! And the book has a good message – kids can help other kids, even by doing just a few little things.

The Pike triplets’ “secret language” is Pig Latin? Man, they’re not trying at all, are they?

Is there a rule in the club bylaws (and you just know there are bylaws) that Kristy has to call every unscheduled meeting an emergency club meeting?

The Rodowskys give their kids permission to have a yard sale, then hire Claudia to organize it. Lazy!

Once again, Haley rocks, bilking Alan Gray and his friends out of $2 for 25-cent fortunes. Kristy must be very proud.


  1. Kate said,

    I love how they’re all smiling maniacally on this cover. I mean, they are on every cover, but it seems especially ill-fitting here. It’s almost as good as the cover of “Good-Bye Stacy.”

  2. beckyboo said,

    It’s about time you give Dawn the respect she deserves. She is the only character who cares about people outside the club or the planet. She is wicked awesome cool and I am glad you finally see it. Dawn is can handle her often changing homelife and school and organize recycling and raise money for others all on what is probably a low-carbon diet. Clearly the most inspirational of all the club members, especially Stacey who is boring.

    The End.

    • beckyboo said,

      Yup. You read that right. Is can.

      Also, I am sorry. Lets be friends still, ok?

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