June 13, 2010

SVH #45, Family Secrets: Daddy Issues

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Oh, crap, now there are three of them

Thoughts: The twins’ cousin Kelly comes to stay with the Wakefields because (try to follow this logic) her mom’s getting remarried and she hasn’t adjusted to having a new stepfather and stepbrothers. I guess she’ll do her adjusting in another state, nowhere near these new family members, instead of getting to know them or something. Anyway, Kelly goes on and on about how awesome her dad is, though Alice and Ned think he’s a jerk but won’t say why because Kelly’s mom doesn’t want her to know the truth. Kelly also has nightmares that she can’t quite piece together.

Kelly starts dating Kirk the jerk from Secret Admirer, and he continues to live up to his nickname, showing up really late for dates and hanging out with other girls. (Not that Kelly’s all that much better, since she agrees to go to a costume party with Nicholas Morrow, then ditches him for Kirk.) Kirk proves his jerkiness at the party, coming close to earning this post an “attempted rape” tag, and his actions cause Kelly to remember what her dreams are about: Her dad lost his temper one night and started trashing the house, so her mom left him. (He was also a big cheater, so the fact that Kelly dated a guy so much like him says that she has some big daddy issues.) Kelly decides that Daddy isn’t as great as she thought, and then moves back home with her mom. A whole lot of build-up to basically nothing.

Thoughts: Why do the twins want to fix Kelly up with Nicholas, of all people? Did they just pick a name out of a hat?

Jessica, sweetheart, wearing different-colored shirts is not dressing “exactly the same” as Elizabeth and Kelly. Try to keep up.

In Pretenses, the Wakefields say Kelly will stay in Steven’s room, but here, she’s in Jessica’s. Friggin’ ghostwriter.

Jessica, Elizabeth, and Kelly’s decision to go to the costume party as the no-evil monkeys (See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil) is actually really creative. Too bad Jessica isn’t Speak No Evil.

Cara tells Kelly that Kirk is “pretty daring, if you know what I mean.” Cara, we never know what you mean.

The Droids have a song called “Dance Bop”? I thought they were a rock band.

Once again, someone (this time it’s Kelly) gets in a car with a drinking driver. These characters keeping disproving the theory of survival of the fittest.


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  1. Amiee said,

    Their cousin had to be blonde didn’t she?

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