July 4, 2010

BSC #48, Jessi’s Wish: Were You Having a Happy Day? Not Anymore

Posted in books tagged , , , at 7:22 pm by Jenn

That cat is way too calm

Summary: The BSC girls put babysitting aside for a few weeks to do some volunteer work. Jessi starts helping out with a club her sister Becca belongs to that does nice things for people in Stoneybrook. One of the members is a girl named Danielle who has recently finished treatments for leukemia. Jessi finds Danielle so inspirational that she decides to help fulfill one of her dreams, to go to Disney World. By the end of the book, Danielle is back in the hospital for tests but considers the Disney World trip the best thing to ever happen to her.

Thoughts: Yeah, I can’t really snark on a book about a girl with cancer.

I always forget that the Ramseys live in the McGills’ old house. It must be weird to go to a friend’s house and remember that you used to live there.

A nine-year-old who says “yo” all the time doesn’t know how to spell it? Stuff it, ghostwriter.

Sorry for the short post and lack of snark. Like I said, there’s not much to snark on here. The book is actually pretty touching. I’ll try better next time, I promise.

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