July 7, 2010

BSC #49, Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street: Man, This Kid is Annoying

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Claudia objects to your white tights, Rosie

Summary: Claudia sits for a girl named Rosie whose parents have her involved in all sorts of activities – namely acting, singing, dancing, and other musical things. The girl is a huge brat with total stage parents who let her act all bratty and know-it-all-ish to everyone. They all suck. But Rosie sucks the most, since she acts superior to everyone and is even rude to Janine, who tries to help her with her homework (which, if she’s so smart, wouldn’t she be able to do it on her own?).

Slowly Claudia starts to feel sorry for Rosie because she obviously doesn’t like having to do so many activities, and she knows the kids at school don’t like her. Then Claudia discovers that Rosie has yet another talent, art, and she actually likes it. Claudia convinces Rosie’s parents to support her love of art, and convinces Rosie to talk to her parents about easing up on some activities. And then Rosie ends up being nice, so it’s win-win.

The B plot ties into the A plot: Claudia’s taken to drawing and painting junk food, and she decides to have a show in her garage. We always knew she’d find a way to combine her two loves.

Thoughts: Claudia wears a man’s paisley vest, a striped button-down shirt, tuxedo-stripe black Spandex stirrup pants, black suspenders with pink flecks, pink ankle boots, and a paisley hair comb. “The boots really set off the formality of the rest of the outfit, sort of like the punchline of a joke.” That’s some joke, all right.

Rosie isn’t a genius so much as really good at a lot of stuff. She’s more like a child prodigy. But Claudia’s the first one to call her a genius, so the error makes more sense when you get the context.

Hey, Rosie? “Rehearse” and “practice” are interchangeable. Also, if you’re such a professional, you would know better than to drink orange juice before a voice lesson.

I love how Claudia mentions the art classes she took in New York with a famous artist to make herself seem talented. Claud, you took four classes with him and he hated you. Not the best example, there.

You can tell this was written before America’s Next Top Model started because they have to explain what a go-see is.

I do appreciate how Claudia gets the humor of pop art and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Sometimes she really is smart than people give her credit for.

Janine buys one of Claudia’s paintings. Because she’s awesome.


  1. Sadako said,

    I always loved reading about Claudia’s junk food love. Mmm, junk food.

    I never liked Rosie. Or Betsy Sobak for that matter. I also almost get them mixed up too!

  2. Alison said,

    I kind of like Claudia’s 1950s throwback on the cover, but why does Janine (who I believe was 19 in the series) look about 40?

    It was a crime not to have illustrations along with each of Claud’s outfits. All those patterns and colors are too much for one to just picture in one’s mind all at once. Ann and the ghostwriters must have been acid-dropping hippies from way back to come up with this stuff.

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