July 9, 2010

SVH #50, Out of Reach: Jaded

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Please tell me Jade's hair is pulled back and she doesn't have a mullet

Summary: Jade wants to dance, dance, dance! Her father doesn’t want her to. Ooh, conflict! Jade auditions for a dance solo in a school talent show, even though her dad has forbidden her to dance in public (just go with it), and she gets the role. She also catches the attention of a guy named David. He wants to go out with Jade, but she’s not allowed to date (her dad is anti anything fun). Instead of using her words like a big girl and explaining that her Chinese father has rules most parents in America don’t have, Jade just makes excuses for why she can’t go out with David.

To prove that she doesn’t dislike David because he’s poor, Jade tells him her biggest secret, that her grandparents run a laundry. She’s embarrassed by that because of the stereotype about Chinese people and laundries, which David has apparently never heard, since he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Amy, jealous of Jade for getting the solo she wanted (and totally racist, by the way), finds out about the laundry as well and spreads the news around school.

Somehow, Elizabeth gets involved (I know, shocker) and plays go-between for the lovebirds. And then some other stuff happens, but I got really bored, so I don’t remember it all. To sum it up, Jade dances in the show, her dad comes to see her and says he’s proud, David and Jade patch things up, and Jade gets offered a scholarship and the chance to dance in summer stock but turns it down because the woman putting up the money is a big ol’ racist. Happy ending, blah blah blah, we’ll probably never hear from these people again.

The completely stupid B plot revolves around the twins’ father, who’s feeling old since his 25-year high school reunion is approaching. Elizabeth and Jessica try to show him that being young isn’t that awesome, or something. Let’s just say Ned visits the Beach Disco and leave it at that.

Thoughts: Lila, re: Jade: “Jade’s American. Just because her father was born in China doesn’t mean she isn’t American.” Holy crap, Lila gets it!

Jade is tired of being seen as Chinese rather than American, but she wants to do a dance based on an old Chinese dance. Look, Jade, if you’re going to have layers, can they at least not conflict with each other?

According to Amy, Jade’s a prima donna because she insists on having water nearby when she’s practicing. Yes, proper hydration is usually a sign that one has a bad attitude. Which means Amy must be seriously dehydrated 24/7.

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  1. megan s. said,

    She’s embarrassed by that because of the stereotype about Chinese people and laundries- huh? i have never heard of this either….

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