July 29, 2010

SVH #52, White Lies: Heavy Meddle

Posted in books tagged , , , at 11:37 pm by Jenn

It's a shame someone so handsome turns out to be a psycho later

Summary: John Pfeifer is in love with Jennifer Mitchell, who’s dating Rick Andover (from Double Love) and planning to run away with him. John thinks Rick is bad news, so he calls the police on him when he sees Rick robbing a music store. Jennifer thinks her father called the cops, so she hates him, even when he winds up in the hospital with heart problems. John finally tells Jennifer the truth, and now she’s mad at him for making her think her father had called the police. John lets Elizabeth get way too involved in the situation, but she actually solves everything by giving Jennifer flowers and pretending they’re from John. Another couple together thanks to meddling.

In the B plot, Jessica and A.J. are having problems, or something. Whatever.

Thoughts: Why is thinking someone is “special” a euphemism for having a crush? I thought it was a euphemism for someone being mentally slow or dumb. As in, I think Jessica’s pretty special.

Jessica’s theory about men: “You have to make them do what you want. Otherwise, they’ll never think of it themselves.” It must be exhausting to be her.

Wait, Bruce has black hair? I always thought he was blond.

Jessica wants to put Lila in her slam book under “most likely to end up in jail for tax evasion.” Ha!

A.J.: “Liz, can I ask you something?” A.J., nooooooo!

Cranky Elizabeth: “Just don’t expect me to solve every problem that comes along.” But I was led to believe that’s all she’s good for!



  1. I sort of hate all the books where the Wakefields are subplots (which is like half the series). Unless the focus is on Lila. Then I’m all for it!

    Really, Bruce a blond? He’s definitely brunette on the cover of Playing with Fire and the one about him and Regina.

    • Jenn said,

      Now that I’ve pulled out my copy of Bruce’s Story, I see the brown hair, so I don’t know why I always thought he was blond.

      I hate the books that feature random people in the main plots, too. I’m looking forward to later in the series when the twins are the main focus, which we all know is what they would want anyway.

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