August 14, 2010

BSC #52, Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies: Thank You for Curing Me of My Ridiculous Obsession with Babies

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Yeah, those kids really aren't that cute

Summary: The eighth-graders at SMS do that project that always shows up in books and on TV shows but rarely in real life, where they pair off and parent eggs for a few weeks. Mary Anne is “married” to Logan, who proves to be an annoying, overprotective parent to their egg, Sammie. The project comes at a good time, as Mary Anne and Dawn are currently obsessed with babies (it doesn’t help that Mary Anne’s been sitting for six-month-old twins) and want their parents to have one. The project shows them that a) teenage parenting is really, really hard; and b) babies take a lot of work. It also shows us that Mary Anne reaaaaaaally needs to not take things so seriously, because it’s a freaking egg.

Thoughts: I’ve never understood the + sign or the number 2 in the title. Is this a Prince song? A crazy-dead-on prediction that one day people would text like this?

Mary Anne and I have the same philosophy about something, at least: Berries are only a dessert if they’re on top of cheesecake.

Somewhere in the past 12 books Shawna Riverson must have suffered a head injury, because now she’s a complete moron. Once again I have to compare a character in this series to Brittany from Glee.

The ghostwriter thinks a two-bedroom apartment in Connecticut costs $2,000 a month, and that’s in 1992. I live in an area with some of the highest property values in the country, and you can get a two-bedroom here for around $1,500, so I don’t know what the ghostwriter was smoking. But there’s also a two-bedroom in Stoneybrook for $800 a month. Trust me, it’s actually a crack den.

Of course Mary Anne puts a baby in a sailor suit. (A real baby, not her egg, though that would be pretty awesome.) Mary Anne is the reason baby sailor suits were created.

Kristy’s worried that her egg isn’t socializing. So throw him in a carton and let him make some friends.

Stacey and Austin Bentley’s egg lives in a mixing bowl. Now, that’s just cruel. Does it sleep in a frying pan?

Dawn doesn’t like her egg’s name, Skip, and says it sounds like the name of a cartoon chicken with sneakers and a beanie. That would be an awesome cartoon character!

There are two really funny chapters in this book: One involves Stacey sitting for a little girl with an egg phobia and a boy with the same name as her egg, and one involves Dawn and Mallory sitting for the Pike kids. The kids decide to do their own version of the egg project, adopting a carton from the Pikes’ fridge, but as they’re decorating them, Vanessa accidentally kills hers. She gets hilariously hysterical (“my baby!”), and when the girls remind her that it was an egg, not a real baby, not to mention an egg she’d only known for a few minutes, she says, “I had grown attached.”

I have a feeling there were egg-salad sandwiches in the SMS cafeteria the day after this project ended.


  1. ciara said,

    i always thought it was weird that dawn assented to naming her egg baby skip when her mom dated that guy named skip, who(m?) dawn found so loathsome. especially because, if you take the time warp out of the equation, mrs. schafer was dating skip about two weeks before this book happened.

    anyway, loving the blog, reading all the old entries. they’ve been my companion while i get over a new year’s cold.

    • Jenn said,

      Sadly (?), the guy Mrs. Schafer dated was named Trip. Not that Skip is all that much different from Trip.

      • ciara said,

        i humbly stand corrected.

  2. Alison said,

    We actually did that experiment when I was in the fourth grade; I named him Eggy and carried him around in a basket. Then he was kidnapped–to this day, I haven’t found closure.

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