August 18, 2010

BSC #53, Kristy for President: Kristy is Too Busy to Tell You What Your Problem Is

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I bet Emily Michelle's delayed in sitting and smiling, too

Summary: Kristy runs for class president against Alan Gray, Pete Black, and Cokie’s main minion Grace Blume. The campaign wreaks havoc with Kristy’s already-busy schedule, but she feels like it’s her responsibility to lead the class because none of the other candidates is qualified. (I’ll give her Alan and Grace, but Pete doesn’t sound too bad.) After having to juggle too many things, including studying for a test (which she fails twice), Kristy realizes that she doesn’t have time to be president, so she gracefully bows out of the race.

In the B plot, Jamie Newton wants to ride a bike. It’s boring.

Thoughts: Karen declares herself chief leaf collector and David Michael executive president in charge of choosing colors. What are you on, Karen?

Stacey says absolutely nothing when the other girls trash Mary Poppins as the upcoming school play. Pay attention, ghostwriter! Also, they think Mary Poppins is babyish but have no problem doing Peter Pan not too much later in the series?

Dawn wants to do A Raisin in the Sun. Dawn, honey, there are three black kids in your school. Not gonna happen. She probably only wants to do it because it has a fruit in the title anyway.

Janine: “I believe you would be glad to know that a pizza delivery has just been effected.” Janine for president – of the U.S.

Kristy calls Pete a nerd. How dare she!

Speaking of Pete, his slogan is, “Vote for Pete, for SMS’s sake!” Dude, not “for Pete’s sake”? It’s right there!


  1. Alison said,

    I think that’s the whole post; it was taking the “Pete’s sake” cliché and twisting it around. A rare clever moment for the BSC series!

    • Alison said,

      Oops…*whole point.*

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