September 6, 2010

SVH #58, Brokenhearted: All the Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up. Wait, There Are No Single Ladies in Sweet Valley

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That's Jeffrey? I don't see what all the fuss is about

Summary: Todd’s back!!!1!1!! And he totally wants Elizabeth back. I’m not sure he even knows she’s dating Jeffrey. Elizabeth realizes that she still has feelings for Todd and needs to choose between her ex and her current boyfriend, but she’s not sure who she wants to be with. When Todd invites her and a guest to a big party he’s throwing, she realizes that means he’s not going to ask her to be his date, and THAT makes her realize that she wants to be with Todd. But it’s too late, because he’s already involved with a girl named Courtney.

…Except he’s not – she’s spreading rumors that they’re involved because she wants the news to get back to Elizabeth, so Liz will back off. It works, and Elizabeth basically resigns herself to being with Jeffrey, even though she knows that’s not what she wants. At Todd’s party, Courtney slips Elizabeth a note, signing it from Todd, to get her to meet “him” at a gazebo. When Liz gets there, she finds Todd and Courtney making out. Yeah, Courtney employs some lame tactics here. But Jeffrey, of all people, has put together that a) Elizabeth is still in love with Todd and b) Courtney’s playing games, so he explains everything to Todd, effectively giving Elizabeth up and letting the lovebirds get back together. Weak, Jeffrey.

In the B plot, Jessica’s only excited that Todd’s back in Sweet Valley because he’s rich now and is attending a private school. She visits the school, hoping to meet a hot guy, and falls for a boy named Sheffield. But then she finds out he wants to spend a semester living and working in a homeless shelter, and she decides she’s waaaaaay too good for him. She’d better run; his generosity might be catching.

Thoughts: I wish there had been ONE confrontation between Todd and Jeffrey. They spend about five minutes together, and Jeffrey doesn’t even fight for Elizabeth. Where’s the fighting? Where’s the drama? Where’s the…anything interesting at all?

Why does Elizabeth think she’ll have to choose between Todd and Jeffrey just because Todd’s coming back to town? She broke up with one and started dating the other. Seems to me like she already made her choice. And Jeffrey doesn’t have much faith in Liz if he thinks she’s immediately going to dump him for Todd.

Ah, we finally get an explanation for why Lila and Bruce don’t go to private school: Sweet Valley has a good school system, and the best private school is too far away.

“Not too long ago she had contemplated falling in love with Ken for lack of anything better to do.” That’s our Jess.

Sheffield Eastman’s parents should be declared unfit just for giving him that name.

The private-school dorm party the twins go to with Todd serves iced tea. These are teenagers, right? They suck at partying.

Speaking of which, there are three parties in this book. The ghostwriter is out of control,

Lila actually says to Jessica, “Enjoy your dessert. I hope it makes you fat.” Why would Jessica be friends with her? It must be Regina George Syndrome.


  1. I totally love how catty Lila is. God, she kills me.

  2. Dane Youssef said,

    Yes, it’s all for the sake of cheap drama. Will Liz stay with Jeffrey? Will Todd stay with Courtney? Jeffrey and Courtney just exist so they can have this triangle, these affairs–right?

    Jess isn’t the only one to be able to manipulate people like pieces on a chessboard. I love that tagline of “No. 4–Power Play” that sums up the soap-opera melodrama of “SVH”: “Beautiful Girls Play Ugly Games.”

    “Lila actually says to Jessica, ‘Enjoy your dessert. I hope it makes you fat. Why would Jessica be friends with her?”

    Uh… because Jessica is JUST like her?

    –A Newfound Fan of Your Blog, Dane Youssef

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