September 10, 2010

BSC Super Special #8, Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake: Nothing Happens

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Hey, where's Mallory's beekeeper get-up?

Summary: Watson’s aunt and uncle want to leave him a cabin at a lake in their will, and they invite him and his brood to check it out for a couple of weeks to see if he likes it. Kristy, of course, invites the whole BSC. There are numerous “adventures”:

Kristy makes everyone keep a diary of the trip to convince Watson that they really like the cabin. This includes much popping into other people’s diary entries to drive the point home. She also learns to drive a speedboat.

Stacey finds herself the target of Sam‘s inability to flirt. He does that eight-year-old boy thing where he teases her because he likes her. It would be cute if, you know, he were actually eight, but he’s 15, so it’s just annoying. Thanks to Charlie, who is always awesome, Sam finally straight-out tells Stacey he likes her, so I guess they’re together now.

Dawn is obsessed with a Lake Monster she’s sure exists, as well as the story of a family who lived in town and vanished without a trace. She’s incredibly annoying (even more so than Sam).

Jessi meets a guy named Daniel and kind of develops a crush on him, despite the fact that she can’t think of one thing they have in common. Then she decides she’d rather be with Quint, but it’s okay because Daniel has a girlfriend back home.

Mallory is bitten and stung by every bug at the lake. She starts wearing mosquito netting and using way too much bug spray, which makes the other girls be nasty to her, for no apparent reason. I mean, I get that they’re embarrassed, but geez, she’s supposed to be their friend.

Claudia decorates a speedboat for a boat parade. It’s boring and dumb.

Mary Anne doesn’t actually have a plot. She just watches the little kids.

Karen and her friends (Hannie and Nancy) find a playhouse in the woods, which David Michael and his friends (Nicky and Linny) want to play in. The boys decide to build a fort instead, and the kids bet the performance of each other’s chores that each group will have the better playhouse.

Then there’s a dance, for some reason. And then they all go home, and Watson decides he wants the cabin. And amazingly, it does come up again in other books.

Thoughts: Watson tells the Brewer/Thomas kids they can invite friends to the lake “within reason.” Kristy hears, “We’ll take an extra car so you can bring six people along.”

Charlie jokingly suggests leaving Karen behind because there’s so little room in the cars. Again, I must ask Charlie to marry me.

Why the heck do they take the cat with them??

Sam tells Stacey she looks ravishing, then says he’s glad she arrived at the lake unscathed. Someone’s been studying for the SAT!

Mallory complains about having to share a room. Did she think there were 20 bedrooms? Now I get why the others are so mean to her.

Another vacation where the parents spend no time with the kids and the BSC girls are always watching them. This time, though, they sit for free. There really are no child-labor laws in Stoneybrook, are there?

David Michael’s handwriting is waaaaaay too nice for a seven-year-old.

I get David Michael and Karen doing each other’s chores, and Hannie and Linny doing each other’s chores, since they’re siblings, but what are Nicky and Nancy getting out of this bet?

I would call bull on Emily Michelle being able to write an E, but my two-year-old niece can write the first letter of her name. And I really just wanted to brag about that.

Why does the ghostwriter think kids don’t use contractions? It’s really distracting. Oh, sorry – it is really distracting.

Claudia doesn’t know what “gutsy” means. Y’all, she’s Kellie Pickler dumb.

Why is Dawn so afraid of the island when she lives in a supposedly haunted house? Oh, right, to annoy me.

Jessi thinks Daniel’s going to profess his love for her at the dance. I wouldn’t be 11 again for all the money in the world.


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  1. Sadako said,

    It pissed me off so much that the girls were mad at Mallory. I’m a magnet for mosquitoes and bugs and I would get eaten alive at a place like Shadow Lake. If I were there, you’d take my skeeter netting and bug spray from my cold dead hands. FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS.

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