September 19, 2010

SVH #60, That Fatal Night: Soap Valley High

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Being blind is no excuse for not smizing, Ken

Summary: Ken Matthews has two admirers – the annoying Amy Sutton and some chick named Terri Adams, who’s the assistant statistician for the football team. Ken doesn’t think of Terri as anything more than a friend, which is all he would like to think of Amy as, since he finds her much less charming than she finds him. One night after a victory party for a football win, Ken is run off the road by a drunk driver and winds up blind (just go with it). Suddenly we’re in a soap opera. (If this is General Hospital, Jessica is Carly, since she’s a manipulative shrew, but, interestingly, Elizabeth is also Carly, with the meddling and the self-righteousness.)

Amy blames Terri for the accident, since Ken was driving her home. Almost everyone except Jessica and Elizabeth has a weird reaction to Ken’s situation, not sure how to treat a blind person, especially someone they’ve known so long. After a month of rehab, Ken returns to SVH and tries to get back to his normal life, but it turns out Terri’s pretty much the only person who still treats him the same. Elizabeth advises Terri (shocking, right?) to pretend to be blind so she can better understand how Ken feels, and Terri uses that experience to get Ken back out in the world, experiencing things in a different way.

Ken and Terri start spending a lot of time together, and Amy doesn’t even object, because she’s already moved on to the guy who’s taken over for Ken as quarterback. Um, ouch. Terri and Ken start spending a lot of time together, until it gets to the point where he’s become really dependent on her. He realizes he’s falling for her, but he doesn’t think she would want to date a blind guy, so he does that typical movie/TV show/book thing of pushing her away. They get into a big fight and Terri finally announces that she loves Ken, which wakes him up and gets him doing things on his own. Then he declares his love for Terri and they get together. And then he sees the sun. Awwww. Or something.

Thoughts: I think whoever chose the title for this book meant to use the word “fateful” instead of fatal. No one dies, so “fatal” makes no sense.

Ken drinks orange juice at the party. I don’t advocate teen drinking, but these people are so lame.

Enid: “Lila and Bruce would make a perfect couple!” I KNOW, RIGHT! Enid sees what no one else does. Especially Ken. (Rimshot!)

Elizabeth tells Terri to tell Ken how she feels. Darn it, if she keeps giving actual good advice, we’ll never be able to stop her.


  1. Christina said,

    I just discovered your blog last night and I have already read over all the other pages of the books you’ve already read. I find you hilarious and can not stop giggling. I read the BSC books as a kid and was planning to reread them some day. Needless to say your snarky commentary is just the funniest thing. I really hope you continue this series of reading/commentary because I’ve really enjoyed them! It made my day I’m subscribing for updates 🙂

    • Jenn said,

      You’re awesome. Thank you so much!

  2. That image is my desktop background. I think Ken looks like a corpse.
    And yes, Enid is sooo right [for once]. Love LiBruce

  3. Rocky said,

    Well, Ken’s eyesight died that fatal night.

    Terri looks like Natalie Portman there, no?

    I LOVE your blog.

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