October 25, 2010

BSC Mystery #6, The Mystery at Claudia’s House: May Not Contain an Actual Mystery

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Her first mistake was not dressing like Nancy Drew

Summary: Janine starts acting weird (wearing makeup and borrowing Claudia’s clothes, sometimes without asking), so Claudia tries to figure out what she’s up to. Derek Masters is in town and has appeared on a show about kid detectives, so Claudia enlists him to help with the investigation. This basically involves stalking Janine and staging a fake courtroom scene so she’ll spill the truth (which only makes Derek come clean about his own secret).

For some reason, makeup + different clothes + seeing Janine with a boy doesn’t = Janine has a boyfriend/crush to the BSC girls, who laugh when Mallory suggests it. Turns out she’s right, and Janine didn’t want to say anything because – get this – the guy is hot, and she doesn’t want everyone to judge him on his looks instead of the fact that he’s also super smart. While part of me has to respect that, the rest of me says, “Dang, girl, flaunt it if you got it.” Once Claudia figures out what’s going on, she rats Janine out to her parents, since Janine keeps lying about where she’s been. Janine’s mad but eventually gets over it, probably because she still wants to borrow clothes from Claudia.

Derek gets the B plot, which revolves around him learning that he’s going to have to kiss a girl on his TV show. The Pike kids first try to get Becca and Charlotte to help him out with some practice, and then the triplets try to pimp Vanessa out to him (they seriously pay her $2.13 to kiss Derek). Derek lies and tells everyone he’s kissed a ton of girls so it ain’t no thang. After the failed courtroom sting, he decides to tell the truth, but the Pike kids have already figured out he was lying and don’t really care. And then he doesn’t have to kiss the girl anyway. And for some reason, Derek is one of my favorite recurring characters.

Thoughts: “I think one of the reasons Becca picked Lamont [one of Derek’s co-stars] to have a crush on is because he’s African-American.” No, it’s because biracial relationships aren’t allowed in Stoneybrook.

Claudia reveals that Mary Anne lays out each day’s entire outfit the night before, “from headband to shoes.” First of all, I get laying out an outfit, but the headband? And second of all, why would you tell anyone that?

Claudia wears checked pants with a polka-dotted shirt. Claud, are you trying to kill Tim Gunn?

I’m so stealing “I guess she didn’t want to look at a gift horse’s teeth.”

Derek’s suggestions that Janine was abducted by aliens or is a kleptomaniac are so much more interesting than the truth. (For the record, Jessi agrees with me.)

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  1. Alison said,

    Actually, Tim Gunn knows as well as any modern fashionista that mixing prints (of different scales, that include the same colors) is very now.

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