October 30, 2010

SVH #64, The Ghost of Tricia Martin: Just in Time for Halloween!

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It's Charo! And a robot!

Summary: Remember that chick Andrea from The New Elizabeth? She looks like Tricia Martin, and Steven quickly grows obsessed with her, ditching Cara to go out with her. He’s basically convinced that she’s the reincarnation of Tricia, and won’t stop thinking about how similar they are, how they talk the same, act the same, like the same things, etc. He even calls Andrea by Tricia’s name a bunch of times. Poor Cara has no idea what’s going on; she only knows that Steven is suddenly a distracted jerk. Of course, they never talk about what’s going on, because people in Sweet Valley never communicate when they should, so she just tries to let it go.

Elizabeth finds out about Steven’s new obsession and tries to remind him that Tricia’s dead and Andrea isn’t her. But Steven thinks he’s found his long-lost love, and he doesn’t want to lose her again. Cara finally figures out what’s going on, thanks to a phone call she overheard at the boutique where Andrea works, and tries to convince Steven of the same things Elizabeth already talked to him about. He breaks up with her, but he’s so distraught over the situation that when he takes a hang-gliding lesson, he crashes and winds up with a head injury.

Cara comes to the hospital to visit Steven, but she hears him say Tricia’s name in his sleep and takes off. Jessica spies Andrea with another guy and tells Steven, who confronts Andrea. She tells him that they’ve only gone out a few times, so it’s not like she can’t see other guys, and besides, he’s never really gotten to know her as Andrea rather than a Tricia clone. She probably should have dumped him about four dates ago, since he just came across as a creep, but whatever. So Andrea’s gone, and Steven realizes he wants Cara back, so it’s a good thing Jessica and Elizabeth have sent her over to see him. They get back together and get a happy ending.

In the B plot, Jessica’s dating a guy named Keith who’s so obsessed with the environment and saving the planet that he makes Dawn Schafer look like a littering carnivore. Of course, she only likes him because he’s hot. She keeps getting dragged to events she doesn’t care about, but it’s hard to feel sorry for her (actually, impossible) because, you know, she doesn’t actually like him. The plot goes nowhere, so, again, whatever.

The C plot is about how Ned and Alice keep fighting, and the D plot involves Maria Santelli’s father, who decides to run for mayor of Sweet Valley. More on those in the next book.

Thoughts: Jessica: “If I spend some time with Keith, it might just rub off.” Elizabeth: “An interesting choice of words.” Was that supposed to be a sex joke? No, no way.

Cara calls Jessica to vent and get sympathy, but of course, our Jessica makes it all about herself. How did you not see that coming, Cara?

Call me crazy, but if you’ve only had a couple of lessons, I don’t think you should be hang-gliding over a canyon.


  1. Cherie said,

    “It’s Charo! And a robot!” Oh, snap! You hit the nail on the head there. Steven looks like he’s made of plastic (hair included). Also, his head looks weirdly small…

    Also? “He breaks up with her, but he’s so distraught over the situation that when he takes a hang-gliding lesson, he crashes and winds up with a head injury.” I can’t even count the number of times that has happened to me or my friends…COME ON, SVH!

    • Jenn said,

      I’m reading the next one now, Trouble at Home, and Steven looks exactly the same on the cover of that one. Further proof that he’s a robot.

  2. IN LOVE WITH MATHEW!!!! said,

    When Andrea finally told Steven how he’d been acting she said”Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it.” HOW?!

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