November 6, 2010

SVH #65, Trouble at Home: They Fight. And Fight. And Fight and Fight and Fight…

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"Come on, Steven, show us your sad face." "This is my sad face!"

Summary: Ned and Alice are fighting. A lot. Basically, just imagine 130+ pages of them fighting. Alice’s design company wants to work on the new wing at the mall, so she has to work tons of hours. Ned is annoyed with being a lawyer, but when Maria Santelli’s father, who’s running for mayor, is accused of a financial scandal, Ned agrees to defend him. So now Alice is working really long hours and not showing up for dinner, and Ned is working on a troubling case. Lots of angst here.

Alice’s company gets the mall job, which means long hours for even longer, and the case against Mr. Santelli is dismissed, which makes Ned mad and even more annoyed with law. Then Hank Patman approaches him about running for mayor instead of Mr. Santelli, who has decided to drop out of the race. Ned doesn’t tell Alice about the possibility, but the twins know because Jessica accidentally overheard the conversation between Ned and Hank.

The Wakefields go on vacation together, and Alice was supposed to agree not to do any work, but Elizabeth has given their phone number to one of her co-workers, who keeps calling with emergencies. Then Alice finds out about Ned possibly running for mayor (from Jessica, who accidentally lets it slip – I know, I was surprised, too). She announces that she needs to go back to Sweet Valley to work, and Ned tells her that if she leaves, they’re done. And Alice, the idiot, leaves. Oh, noes!

In the B plot, Jessica uses a phone sex teen chat line, and meets a guy named Charlie. He keeps coming up with excuses for why he doesn’t want to meet her in person. My guess: He’s actually 12.

Thoughts: Why does Elizabeth think Ned is the only lawyer who can help Mr. Santelli? She does know other (presumably better) lawyers exist, right?

Why would Alice, an interior designer, be designing a wing for a mall? I don’t think the ghostwriter knows the difference between an interior designer and an architect.

Charlie tells Jessica, “You have the blondest voice I’ve ever heard.” How do you respond to that? Is it supposed to be a compliment?

Ned, why would you go for a retrial? The case being dismissed means you won!

If people weren’t going to vote for a guy they thought accepted kickbacks, why would they vote for his lawyer?


  1. corina said,

    I have spent an inordinate amount of time on your blog this weekend! Went back into the archive and read it from scratch. I was soooo addicted to SVH in the 80s. You had me screaming with laughter with every post. It’s better than re-reading the books! Thanks. I can’t wait for the rest 🙂

  2. Bieber hair! Steven has Bieber hair!

  3. Jenn said,

    @corina – thanks!

    @winstonegbert – poor boy is way ahead of his time.

  4. Jess Chapman said,

    “Why does Elizabeth think Ned is the only lawyer who can help Mr. Santelli? She does know other (presumably better) lawyers exist, right?”

    Not in Sweet Valley. I’m pretty sure in every book that involves Ned lawyering about something, it’s a different branch of law: criminal, contract, family, trust management . . .

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