November 24, 2010

BSC Mystery #7, Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs: Barking Up Trees

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This never happened, you lying cover artist

Summary: Dawn is pet-sitting for the Mancusis when their Great Dane, Cheryl, disappears from the yard. She feels really guilty and decides to investigate what might have happened. Then Kristy’s dog, Shannon, disappears as well. Dawn remembers seeing a green car driving around the neighborhood when Cheryl vanished, and she thinks the driver has something to do with the dog-nappings. She enlists the BSC girls to help with the investigation, but they hit a dead end when they find out the car belongs to Karl Tate, one of the richest men in town. Her other dead end is that the police think she’s a silly little girl and won’t listen to her suspicions.

Dawn studies up on different kinds of dogs, and on a visit to a new pet store, she works off a hunch that when a customer requests a dog that isn’t in the store, the owners steal one and sell it for a huge profit. In a neighboring town, Dawn spots Cheryl with a woman who isn’t Mrs. Mancusi, and she calls the police to tell them she’s cracked the case. It turns out her hunch was right and the woman bought Cheryl from the pet store after requesting a Great Dane and being told they didn’t have any. Tate was involved after all, having lost a bunch of money and figuring out the pet scheme. The dogs, including Shannon, are recovered and the BSC girls are heroes.

In the B plot, Kristy and a barely mentioned Bart form the Krashers, an all-star team of Krushers and Bashers. The kids who aren’t picked for the team protest, but they’re happy when the Krashers win their first game. It’s just as boring as it sounds. No, even more boring than that.

Thoughts: Dawn is kind of annoying in this book – she mentions over and over that she’s not really an animal person, and she’s a little unreasonable over the police not listening to her – but she’s really, really smart. Claudia may be the BSC girl who reads all the Nancy Drews, but Dawn’s the true detective.

Dawn thinks the Mancusis’ rabbits are “kind of cute, I guess. If you like rabbits.” Who doesn’t think rabbits are cute?? Besides Anya, I mean.

Claudia spells “refrigerator” right, but not “stuck.” You’re killing me, ghostwriter.

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