November 26, 2010

SVH #67, The Parent Plot: I Guess “The Parent Trap” Would Be Too Easy

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Try some eye makeup, Liz. It won't kill you

Summary: Ned and Alice are still separated after Who’s to Blame? and Trouble at Home. Elizabeth wants to get them back together, but Jessica thinks divorce is awesome, apparently, and wants them to start seeing other people. (Jessica’s complete okay-ness with her parents’ possible split is never really addressed, but it kind of worries me. Mostly it just reiterates what a lot of people have said about her being a sociopath and not caring about anyone but herself.) Elizabeth keeps coming up with dumb, middle-school ways to get her parents to talk or be in the same room, thinking that’s all it’ll take for them to realize they want to get back together.

Jessica first wants to set Ned up with Amanda, a lawyer working on his mayoral campaign (yes, that’s still going on), but that goes down the drain when she finds out Amanda’s engaged. Then she gets Alice to come in for a parent-teacher conference with Mr. Collins, which turns into a dinner/movie date, but it gets awkward when Ned takes the twins to dinner at the same restaurant as the date. Jessica’s final possible match-up for Alice is Ramon, another campaign helper, but he likes his cats too much to listen to what she says about Alice.

While all this is going on, Maria Santelli (whose father’s scandalous exit from the campaign paved the way for Ned to enter it) is suspicious about James Knapp, the guy who worked with Hank Patman to get Ned into the race. She, Elizabeth, and Knapp’s nephew Terry uncover a real-estate-development scheme Knapp is working on, and learn that when Mr. Santelli wouldn’t cooperate with Knapp, Knapp deposited $10,000 into his bank account to make it look like he was accepting kickbacks. And yes, this is all because Knapp wants to build a development and boardwalk on Sweet Valley’s shoreline. Apparently real estate in Sweet Valley is a millionaire’s dream.

Elizabeth, Maria, and Terry formulate a plan to break into Knapp’s office to get evidence, and though it works, when Elizabeth shares the news with Ned, he points out that they can’t really use the evidence because of the way it was obtained. They wind up having to tell the police about an anonymous source finding the evidence. Ned kind of falls apart upon learning that he can’t trust Knapp, and that he’s being used as a pawn, so Elizabeth sends him home to Alice so they can discuss the situation. Nothing happens out of that, but after Ned gives a speech that both exposes Knapp and clears Mr. Santelli’s name, apparently the senior Wakefields decide all is good and reunite. Also, Mr. Santelli is elected mayor, as if we care.

Thoughts: You can tell the position of mayor of Sweet Valley is really important because Ned gives a speech at the mall.

Ramon is a liaison to Sweet Valley’s Hispanic community. As far as I know, that community only consists of him, so he must have a pretty easy job.

Ned gets a slow clap. Awesome.

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