November 28, 2010

BSC #62, Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever: The Baby-Sitters vs. Childhood Trauma

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The Thomas-Brewers have horrible taste in home decor

Summary: The Papadakises take in a foster child named Lou (short for Louisa) who is an unholy terror of a brat. She does have her reasons – her father recently died, her mother left when she was younger, and she’s been separated from her brother – but the fact that no one takes her to a psychiatrist or tries very hard to get to the bottom of her behavior doesn’t help. She’s rude to everyone, she teases animals (future serial killer?), she makes fun of the playhouse Karen and her friends are building, and she won’t follow any rules. She’s a little power-mad monster, is what she is.

Various BSC girls sit for Lou, and Kristy dubs her the worst kid ever. Dawn, however, thinks she’s just the saddest kid ever, thanks to her childhood traumas. Lou’s social worker finds relatives for her and her brother to live with, but she’s unhappy about this because it means she has to give up her dream of her mother returning. She runs away, Kristy finds her, and suddenly everything’s okay. No, really, there’s no breakthrough or anything, it’s just…done. And then Lou leaves.

In the B plot, SMS organizes an auction to raise money for computers. The BSC girls get celebrities to donate various items, but they bring in the most money by donating 24 hours of free sitting.

Thoughts: I hope the BSC girls get paid extra when Linny, Hannie, Nancy, and Lou come to visit the Thomas-Brewers – that’s eight kids to look after.

I didn’t rememeber the Craine girls from Mallory and the Ghost Cat ever making another appearance, but here they are. Doing nothing and serving no purpose.

I thought I couldn’t care less about Karen and her friends’ playhouse, but then, suddenly, I did. (They’re surprisingly nice to Lou, though, even when she’s nasty to them.)

“Nannie, Charlie, and Sam were out doing Saturday night things.” Hookers and blow?

Dawn “never could watch the scary part in the beginning” of The Wizard of Oz. First of all, I never realized there was a “scary party in the beginning” of that movie. (Someone clarifies that she means the twister.) Second of all, the girl reads ghost stories before bed but she can’t handle a Hollywood tornado?

Jessi, chocolate-covered popcorn is not gross. It’s delicious. You’re gross.

So Lou’s father’s brother didn’t know she and her brother existed? That’s…not good.


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