December 24, 2010

SVH #70, Ms. Quarterback: That’s Not a Bad Title, Actually

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If this were ANTM, this picture would have the judges speechless. That's not good

Summary: Ken Matthews, blind since That Fatal Night, has regained enough eyesight that he thinks he can go back to being SVH’s quarterback. Claire Middleton, a new student at SVH, also wants to be the quarterback. Most people are accepting of Claire’s desire to play football, including Ken, who recognizes her talent. Jessica’s one of the few detractors, but mostly just because Claire said something snide to her about cheerleading. The cheerleaders decide to come up with a way to embarrass Claire and make her quit tryouts.

Ken’s girlfriend, Terri, starts to get jealous of Claire and thinks she’s going to steal Ken, even though Claire has demonstrated no interest in him. Terri catches Claire crying over a picture of a guy named Ted and passes this info along to the cheerleaders. Jessica comes up with a cheer about Claire that finishes up with, “We know about Ted,” and they perform it at a scrimmage where the quarterbacks will be chosen (they need a first-string and a second-string). It turns out Ted was Claire’s brother. Who died. Oops.

Terri takes the blame for the cheer and apologizes to Claire, encouraging her to continue with the tryouts. Claire in turn encourages Terri to talk to Ken, since she’s sure Ken still wants to be with her. (She’s right, of course.) Claire makes second-string quarterback to Ken’s first-string, but at their first game, Ken has eye problems and Claire fills in for him. Of course, she wins the game and becomes the new school hero.

In other news, shut up, Amy.

Thoughts: Terri’s description of Claire makes me think she’d rather be with Claire than with Ken.

Ken is kind of a jerk for calling Claire pretty in front of Terri, but if Terri’s going to freak out about losing him just because he’s nice to another girl, maybe I don’t blame him. Chill, Terri.

How is asking a girl about trying out for the football team “investigative reporting”? Shut up, Penny.

Claire’s motto is, “I’d rather die than quit.” You shut up, too, Claire. You know what, everyone in this book needs to shut up.

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