January 5, 2011

SVH #72, Rock Star’s Girl: Raise Your Hand If Ew

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Looks like Nicole Kidman went blonde

Summary: Things must be pretty boring in Sweet Valley right now, because when a new girl named Andrea Slade starts school, everyone’s interested. Most interested are Elizabeth, Enid, and Nicholas Morrow, who develops a love connection with her. Maybe everyone’s intrigued because she’s all secretive about what her dad does and where they live. Anyway, rock star Jamie Peters is also in town, as spotted by Lila; he’s living in the big, expensive house a childhood friend of hers lived in. She takes Jessica and Amy to spy on him in his bushes, and during one stakeout, they see Andrea with him and decide that they must be dating.

Elizabeth, logical twin that she is, points out that Jamie could be Andrea’s father, though there’s no discussion of how Jessica, Amy, and Lila could mistake daughterly behavior for girlfriendly behavior. (That’s the ew part – doesn’t anyone else think it’s gross that someone could be mistaken for a relative’s girlfriend?) They tell Nicholas that Andrea’s shacking up with Jamie, which makes him think she’s a two-timer. At the same time, the girls have spread the Andrea-and-Jamie-sitting-in-a-tree story around school, giving Andrea just what she didn’t want: Attention from people just because she knows Jamie.

Andrea doesn’t come home, so Jamie calls Elizabeth, who goes off with Enid and Nicholas to find her. Elizabeth now has confirmation that Jamie is Andrea’s father, so now everyone else looks foolish. The search party finds Andrea, everyone works everything out, and, for some reason, Jessica and Lila decide to head back to the bushes. Five bucks says this is the only book where Andrea gets a plot.

In the B plot, Lila takes up the marimba. Yeah, I don’t know.

Thoughts: For some reason, I keep thinking I’ve seen this plot somewhere else; I’ve either read a book or seen a movie or TV show with a similar story. I just can’t place it.

They never explain why Jamie and Andrea have different last names. I would suspect that Peters is Jamie’s stage name, though Slade sounds more rock-starrish, no?

Amy uses the word “teenyboppers.” I knew I hated that girl.

Why do the characters always comment on other characters being pretty? Are they just driving home the fact that there are no ugly people in Sweet Valley?

Nicholas likes reggae music? Not a chance.

I wonder why Cara doesn’t hang out with Jessica, Lila, and Amy as much as the three of them hang out together. Maybe because her IQ is the same as theirs combined.

Wait, wait, wait. Andrea’s 16 and has never had a crush? Does that strike anyone else as really, really weird?

Nicholas takes Andrea on a date to the Dairi Burger. Wow. Cheapskate.

Of course Andrea wants to stay in Sweet Valley. Everyone who spends five minutes there never wants to leave. It’s like the mafia – once you’re in, the only way out is death.

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  1. IN LOVE WITH MATTHEW!!!! said,

    You’re thinking of Sweet Valley Twins, where Brooke’s mom is a rock star and trying to hide it.

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