January 23, 2011

SVH #75, Amy’s True Love: He’s Here, He’s Queer, No One Cares

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WASP alert!

Summary: Amy wants some attention, so she decides she should get a boyfriend. Specifically, she decides she should get Tom McKay, who’s recently broken up with Jean West. Jessica and Lila think she’s terribly uncouth for wanting to get with Tom just after he’s split from a fellow cheerleader, so they start ignoring her, wanting to show her what it’s like not to be at the center of attention. Because they’re the arbiters of which behaviors are appropriate and which aren’t.

Amy’s also struggling in sociology class, so her teacher suggests that she volunteer at a youth clinic. While she’s there, she gets to know Barry Rork, a friend of Tom’s, who develops a crush on her. Amy basically starts stalking Tom, who doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, while Barry kind of stalks Amy. (Yep, it’s one of those stalkerish love triangles.) Amy is completely unable to take a hint, and when Tom keeps trying to get away from her, she thinks she just needs to try harder.

Enid’s cousin Jake, a tennis player, is in town, and he hits it off with Tom. While visiting, Jake comes out to Enid, who kind of handles the news poorly, more because she’s surprised than because she doesn’t like that he’s gay. Jake also comes out to Tom, who starts to wonder if he might be gay, too. He goes to Mr. Collins for advice (is there no guidance counselor at SVH?), and Mr. Collins advises him to talk to someone at the youth clinic. The same day Tom goes there, Elizabeth is there to interview the director for the Oracle, and she sees Tom looking at a pamphlet about homosexuality and teens. Elizabeth pretty much doesn’t care, and neither does Barry when Tom tells him he might be gay.

Amy tells Barry she’s going to ask Tom out, but Barry (having been told by Tom that he’s really sick of Amy bugging him) breaks it to her that Tom won’t want to go. Amy asks Tom out anyway, and is embarrassed when he rejects her. Later, he sends her a nice apology note, and Amy learns that Barry stood up for her with that jerk Kirk Anderson, who was being…well, a jerk, so Barry must like her. Amy’s kind of been fighting feelings for him because she doesn’t think he’s cool enough, but I guess since Jessica thinks he’s okay, she does, too. And then Lila and Jessica lift their Amy ban, so everything’s good.

Thoughts: I kind of felt sorry for Amy in this book. But she mostly brings all her grief on herself, so it’s hard to keep up the sympathy for long.

Amy wonders why Tom and Jean broke up, and Jessica says, “I don’t know. It isn’t any of my business.” Aaaaaaaand Hell just froze over.

Amy is so wrong for a job counseling troubled teens that even she knows it.

“Barry was a nice guy, really sweet and sincere. What could he possibly like about Amy Sutton?” And this is from Jessica. The girl’s best friends don’t even like her!

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