February 25, 2011

BSC #71, Claudia and the Perfect Boy: Just Like “Emma,” If Emma Had Bizarre Fashion Sense

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Yes, it's totally normal for a 13-year-old to dress like this

Summary: Claudia starts writing personal ads for the school paper, partly because she wants a boyfriend. (Stacey helps her, so the spelling errors are minimal.) The personals are wildly popular, and Claudia responds to some of the ads, looking for her perfect guy. It doesn’t go so well – one guy has no personality, one guy is obsessed with Japanese culture and won’t shut up about it, and one guy is Alan Gray. Still, other people are happy, and Claudia even helps a boy who’s upset about his parents’ divorce and is looking for someone to talk to. (She gives him the name of a therapist Mary Anne saw.)

Claudia notices that some of the people writing ads would be perfect for each other, so she writes some suggestions and comes up with some great pairings. Unfortunately, her love life is still nonexistent. She places her own ad and gets a response from a guy who seems perfect – but then finds out it’s actually from Stacey, who wanted to cheer her up. Stacey helps Claudia realize that she doesn’t have to search for a guy, and if there’s one out there for her, she’ll find him. It’s sweet and all, but, uh, she’s 13. It’s not like she’s 30 (see below).

In the B-plot, the Barretts learn that Marnie is allergic to their dog, Pow, which means they have to get rid of him. Buddy and Suzi are furious with Marnie, blaming her for her own allergy, and upset over the idea of giving their dog away. Fortunately, after Mrs. Pike sees how great her kids are with Pow, and how well-behaved he is, she lets her kids adopt him.

Thoughts: Claudia thinks Mrs. Barrett is old because she’s “at LEAST thirty.” Claud, can you even count to 30?

Stacey introduces Claudia to her perfect match: spellchecker.

When and why did Mary Anne see a therapist? Did I miss something?

There’s no way the Rosebud Café is “one of the coolest places in Stoneybrook.” I mean, Logan works there.

If Rock was as into Japanese culture as he says he is, he’d know that tai chi and the concept of yin and yang are Chinese, not Japanese, Go write some anime fanfic, you poser.

Rock has a tattoo of a skull, roses, and worms. Maybe Claudia should give HIM the name of Mary Anne’s therapist.

“I’ve been told that I look like Jason Priestly.” That’s…a selling point?


  1. megan s. said,

    I *think* she saw one after that girl died that was in her group? and then i think she saw one after her house burned down. can’t be too sure bout that tho!

    • Jenn said,

      Those were both after this book. I think there was a book, maybe for Christmas, where the girls wrote letters to each other and revealed secrets, and she might have mentioned it in that one. I remember Jessi revealing that she and Becca burned a whole in their carpet and never told their parents.

  2. Steph said,

    Just found your blog and can’t get enough! Little late with this response, I know, but I’m almost positive that Mary Anne started seeing the therapist after she found out about the whole “my dad sent me to Iowa when I was an infant and never told me about it” thing.

  3. bscag said,

    It’s mentioned in a book that has the BSC exchanging letters about their secrets; the BSC Chain Letter book. Mary Anne also goes back to the therapist after her classmate dies.

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