March 4, 2011

BSC #72, Dawn and the We ♥ Kids Club: Dear Dawn, You Belong in Jail

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Yeah, yeah, California is awesome. Whatever

Summary: The We ♥ Kids Club is featured in a newspaper article and a TV news broadcast, and suddenly they’re famous. Business is booming, but too much for the four girls to handle, especially since they’re not as organized as the BSC. They don’t even have regular meetings! Quel horreur! The girls keep double-booking jobs and taking on more than they can handle. Instead of hiring more members, which would be reasonable and smart, they get more organized. But still not as organized as the BSC, since Kristy isn’t there to crack the whip.

But that’s not the main plot of the book. Oh, no. The main plot of the book is that Dawn is a horrible, horrible person.

Carol has been hanging out at the Schafers’ house a ton, and we all know Dawn doesn’t like Carol. So when Mr. Schafer announces that they’re engaged, she kind of snaps. She decides that her dad must not want to spend time with her anymore, and she should go back to Stoneybrook. So she takes her dad’s credit card number, books herself a flight to Connecticut, leaves a goodbye note, and jets for the East Coast. When she arrives, her mother is understandably furious and tells her she can’t stay – she’s going back to California the next day.

Dawn thinks no one understands her feelings on the situation, but she’s the one who doesn’t get how much her parents had to do to arrange for her to move back to California, and how difficult the situation is for the rest of her family. When she gets back to California, she finally has an actual conversation with her father about how she feels neglected, or whatever. The poor little princess just wants her way. And then she gets it, because Mr. Schafer and Carol start fighting and decide to break up. At least Dawn has the good sense to feel bad about it.

Dawn’s so special that she gets her own B-plot: She spends a lot of time with Stephie, the girl Mary Anne sat for in the California Super Special, who wants a mom. Dawn worries that Stephie wants her for a mom, but she doesn’t. I don’t think. The plot just kind of ended.

In the C-plot, Kristy’s jealous of the We ♥ Kids Club’s sudden fame and tries to get the BSC some notice. It doesn’t work. She’s the only one who cares.

Thoughts: I know I read this book when I was younger, and again a few years ago, but I didn’t remember anything about it. Maybe I found Dawn so ridiculous that I blocked it all out? It’s entirely possible.

Kristy was able to get immediate interest in everyone’s blizzard stories, but not in the BSC itself. Wouldn’t she get the hint that if the media didn’t contact the club after the blizzard, they weren’t going to? Oh, right, Kristy doesn’t take hints.

Stacey compares Kristy going to the press without talking to the other girls to Mary Anne getting her hair cut without telling anyone. Um, what? I didn’t realize the group had to put it to a vote before someone went to the salon. I joke about the BSC being like a cult, but sometimes it’s a little too scary to be funny.

Mary Anne realizes she’s been sitting on Reese’s Pieces (hidden in Claudia’s bed) and says she thought the bed felt lumpy. Jessi calls her “the Princess and the Pieces.” Okay, that was funny.

Dawn writes down her dad’s credit card number and rationalizes that she’s not stealing his money because he would have to pay for her to fly back to Stoneybrook eventually. Leave her there, Mr. Schafer!

Another rationalization: the flight would cost more later because “prices tend to go up over time.” I…I just…MORON.

“Snow! I’d almost forgotten what that was like.” You were only in California for five books, drama queen.

Dawn says she didn’t want to tell her dad how she felt about Carol because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Yes, hurting someone’s feelings is much worse than STEALING HIS CREDIT CARD AND FLYING ACROSS THE COUNTRY. SHUT UP, DAWN.

Carol’s kind of immature, too, though. Dawn’s father tries to send her home while he’s dealing with the Dawn situation, and she complains that he thinks of Dawn as more important than her. Then she throws her engagement ring on the floor. Yeah, another drama queen. It makes me think of that Office episode where Kelly tells Darryl (who she’s been dating for, like, six days) he has to choose between her and his daughter, and he immediately picks his daughter. What does Carol expect, that Mr. Schafer is just going to pretend nothing’s happening? Actually, if Dawn were my daughter, I’d tell her to stay in Connecticut for good.

Dawn has to pay her father back for the plane tickets, but I think that’s it as far as punishment goes. If she were my daughter, she’d a) go to therapy and b) be grounded for the rest of the school year.

By the way, the post title is from Notting Hill. Hugh Grant’s character catches a guy shoplifting in his bookstore, and the shoplifter gets Julia Roberts’ character to sign an autograph for him. She writes, “Dear Rufus, you belong in jail.”


  1. glittergirley said,

    “You were only in California for five books, drama queen.”

    HA! you made me laugh so hard i accidentally spit up my precious wine all over the research articles that I’m supposed to be reading and working on. 😀

    Hilarious. Keep it up … and it’s not just the wine talking, I swear. ❤

  2. heather said,

    tagged “someone needs a smack in the face”

    LMAO! best!

  3. Belle said,

    Love your site! I always hated Dawn. I know it’s sacrilegious, but I have to confess I much preferred Abby.

    • Jenn said,

      I loved Abby. I was more like her than any of the other girls.

  4. Alison said,

    This book gives bi-coastal children of divorce a lot of really bad ideas.

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