March 20, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 1.1, Pilot: So Much Pastel!

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Cue the Paula Cole

Summary: Dawson Leery is a movie-loving 15-year-old with a seemingly perfect life. His best friend, Joey Potter (a girl), has a much-less-than-perfect life: Her mom’s dead, her dad’s in prison, and she and her sister Bessie don’t have much money. (Bessie is also pregnant by her black boyfriend, so there’s a bit of a stigma there.) Dawson and Joey have been friends since childhood, but all of a sudden Joey has realized that – hey! – he’s a guy and she’s a girl, and they can’t do everything the way they used to. Like sleep in the same bed. Yes, seriously.

Things get even more complicated when Jen Lindley arrives in Capeside from New York. Joey is instantly jealous of the attention Dawson shows Jen, even though Jen is perfectly nice and keeps trying to connect with her. Joey finally explodes when she, Dawson, Jen, and their friend Pacey Witter go to the movies together and Joey sees Dawson trying to hold Jen’s hand. He confronts her and she accuses him of trying to drum up conflict to make his perfect life more interesting. He tries to convince her that things don’t have to change just because they’re growing up. She’s not sure until he tells her how many times he – ahem – “walks his dog.” Yeah, he still wants to bang Jen.

Pacey’s issues are much more complicated. And grosser. He flirts with Tamara Jacobs when she comes to the video store where he and Dawson work, and then discovers that she’s his new English teacher. He continues the flirting, despite how completely inappropriate the situation is, and even stalks to her to the movies, where he fights with her date and gets punched by another guy. And then Tamara kisses him, which means Pacey will never learn.

In other news, Jen (a self-proclaimed atheist) has trouble getting along with her conservative, church-going grandmother, Grams, and Dawson thinks his news-anchor mom, Gail, is sleeping with her co-anchor. He’s right, but Joey’s the only one who knows it.

Thoughts: Yes, I was a Dawson’s Creek fan as a teenager. I was exactly in the show’s target demographic, and for some reason, it sucked me right in. I thought it would make a good addition to the blog. At least we can make fun of the ridiculous dialogue and unrealistic plotlines and unfortunate wardrobes.

First, the question everyone has been asking since this show debuted in 1998: Who let Dawson and Joey have sleepovers until they were 15?

And another important question: Why does everyone on this show dress like pastel is about to be banned? Also, Tamara and Gail have unbelievable hair. I don’t think they ever got the memo that the ’80s are over.

If I had a sister and she had a boyfriend, I would never use the word “orgasmic” around him.

Dawson and Pacey work at a video store. Aw, remember videos?

Hey, Nellie, Cordelia Chase called. She wants you to cut it out.

Dawson thinks he can win a film contest with a cheesy horror movie? Really?

I hate it when Grams calls Jen “Jennifer” in that warning tone. It always makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong.

Joey tells Dawson his dad is “the perfect male specimen.” EW.

“Tubthumping.” Wow.

Capeside High is only grades 10-12? That’s weird.

Joey’s dad was imprisoned for trafficking more than 10,000 pounds of pot. HOLY CRAP. That’s a lot of weed.

If Dawson thinks there’s never been a sex scene in a Spielberg movie, he wasn’t paying attention during Schindler’s List.

Trivia: The movie Pacey stalks Tamara to is Waiting for Guffman.

I can’t agree with Joe that Dawson just wants conflict in his life so it’ll be more like a movie. Honestly, I think he’s just clueless enough to think everything’s fine and she doesn’t have a problem with Jen.

I remember it seeming so scandalous that Pacey would hook up with a teacher. Now it’s a staple plot on any show with teenagers.


  1. Cherie said,

    I love the blog and I’ve commented to that effect before, but I wonder: is it crazy that I’m excited you’re recapping Dawson’s Creek? I watched it when it originally aired too, and it was always one of those shows that I totally, totally, TOTALLY hated but also never, EVER missed (I’m soooo complicated).

    And this: “I remember it seeming so scandalous that Pacey would hook up with a teacher. Now it’s a staple plot on any show with teenagers.” Yes. And maybe I’m just a complete freak of nature (or maybe my teachers were!), but I did. not. EVER. have a crush on a teacher AND I (um, of course) am not down with pedophilia/statutory rape so I have never understood why these plots are so ubiquitous. ???

    Anyway, yay to this!

    • Jenn said,

      I’m glad someone’s excited about me doing Dawson’s Creek – otherwise it’s just me trying to justify watching all the episodes. 🙂

      I was a big fan during the first two seasons, and then I just stopped watching the show. I still read some stuff about it after I stopped watching, so I do know some things that happened in later seasons, but I think I just grew out of it.

      I never had a crush on a teacher either. Most of the teachers at my high school were too old for teenagers to be attracted to them. There was one teacher my junior and senior year who was younger and handsome, and a couple of girls had crushes on him, but he had a reputation as kind of a jerk, and that turned most people off.

      • Anna said,

        Just stumbled across this…thanks for your recaps. I was 13 when this show first came out, and I became addicted to it. I wasn’t allowed to watch it until high school (season 3), but I always snuck peeks when I could, and I was pretty much obsessed.

        Seasons 1 and 2 had SUCH a different feel to them than the later seasons. I don’t like that it changed – I liked Pacey and Joey as a couple, but they changed Joey way too much in my opinion. She went from the innocent yet sarcastic girl who was always running to and from the ladder to Dawson’s room, to a generic normal high school girl who had sex with her boyfriend on the senior ski trip, to a generic college coed slut who missed an exam because she was busy having sex with a guy she had just met and been on ONE date with. Season 5&6 Joey was way too far removed from Season 1&2 Joey.

        I don’t consider this a high quality show, but it really brings back memories, and it makes me feel like I’m 13 again. I’m 26 now…can’t believe how much time has gone by…

  2. Sada said,

    YES! I was SO HOPING the mystery show was the Creek. I was in college when this crap came out, and my friends & I made up a Dawson’s Creek drinking game that we still maybe even sometimes play when we all get together. And yes, you totally had to drink for Grams saying “Jennifaaaaah.”

    Oh God. Dawson Leery, why do I love to hate you so much?

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