March 27, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 1.5, Hurricane: Blow, Winds!

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I wish I had a picture of Gail's hair by the end of the episode. It's delightfully bad

Summary: Hurricane Chris is approaching the Cape, but the storm inside the Leery household might be more dangerous, as Gail realizes that Dawson knows about her affair with Bob. Mitch, still oblivious, invites Jen and Grams over to ride out the storm, and Joey, Bessie, and Bodie come over as well, so it’s a full house. And Dawson isn’t any happier to be stuck with Jen than with Gail. Plus, Bodie and Bessie don’t like Grams, and vice versa, so it’s fun for everyone.

Dawson overhears Gail on the phone with Bob, who’s covering the hurricane, and basically calls her a slut. He tells her to come clean to Mitch already, then storms off to call Jen a slut as well. Joey overhears their fight and tells Dawson he should just be glad he has a mom. Joey then talks to Gail, who announces that she’s going to end things with Bob. First, she heads straight to Mitch and tells him she’s been having an affair. He has to deal with a power outage before he can really let her have it.

Grams, seemingly aware of the situation, chats with Dawson about Frank Capra movies and encourages him to forgive Gail. Gail goes out to Mitch’s car, where he’s planning to ride out the rest of the storm, and he reminisces about the first time they met. He said he chose to fall in love with her, and now he’s choosing to hate her. He kicks her out of the car and drives off.

When the storm is over, Jen decides that she needs to tell Dawson the details of her life in New York. She first had sex at 12 (though it kind of sounds like she was actually raped), and she started drinking heavily and having sex with a lot of guys. Her parents caught her having sex in their bed and shipped her off to her grandparents’ so they wouldn’t have to deal with her. Jen promises that that wasn’t really her, and she may not be perfect, but she’s also not that self-destructive anymore. Dawson tells her that he’s realized he was using his parents’ relationship as a yardstick for their own, which was a bad idea. They agree to forgive each other and try again.

Mitch returns to the house and asks Gail why she hooked up with Bob. She admits that she felt her life was too perfect and she “wanted to want again.” He decides he doesn’t want to talk anymore. Dawson apologizes to Joey for not always taking her feelings into account, and she apologizes for “using the mother card.” They decide to put growing up on the shelf for a little while and play a game they used to play as kids.

Pacey and his police-officer brother Doug wind up at Tamara’s during the storm, where Pacey continually makes references to the fact that he thinks Doug is gay while Doug and Tamara hit it off. He asks Tamara out and is surprised when she reveals that she thinks he’s gay. Doug accuses Pacey of lying to her and gets so angry that he pulls a gun on his brother. Pacey takes back what he says and Doug acts like nothing happened. However, when he asks Tamara out again, she tells him she’s seeing someone. After the storm, Tamara tells Pacey that their relationship has to end sooner rather than later, but apparently not that soon.

Thoughts: Doug is played by Dylan Neal. Yum, Dylan Neal.

Isn’t Kevin Williamson gay? I only ask because he co-wrote this episode and there are a lot of inappropriate gay-related remarks from Pacey.

Gail flirts with Bob on the phone with Dawson, Mitch, Joey, Jen, Grams, Bessie, and Bodie all in the house. Wow, moron.

Joey seems to have forgotten that she, not Dawson, declared them too old for sleepovers.

Why would you tell your husband you’re cheating on him while you’re stuck in a house with him? Especially when you have guests?

Pretty interesting of Grams to talk to Dawson about forgiveness while simultaneously passing judgment on Bessie and Bodie. And by “interesting,” I mean annoying.


  1. Sada said,

    Kevin Williamson is definitely gay. And Doug should definitely have his badge taken away.

  2. Myriam said,

    Rewatching that ep in 2020 made me super sad… it seems like Jen doesn’t even realize that having sex at 12 when drunk is not consensual… it’s actually two different kind of rapes in one! Also, no one else seems to realize it. Pretty irresponsible from the show :/

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