May 3, 2011

BSC #77, Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever: In Which Dawn is a Little Bit Awesome

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That doll with the really long legs is FREAKING ME OUT

Summary: Dawn takes a job sitting for a girl named Whitney, who’s 12 and has Down syndrome. It’s not a typical sitting job, since Whitney’s almost a teenager and feels like she’s fairly grown-up, so her parents and Dawn pretend Dawn is just coming over to hang out with Whitney every afternoon. Dawn is actually really good with Whitney, though she finds it tough to be in charge without actually acting like she’s in charge. She also finds it difficult to deal with how other people look at and treat Whitney.

Everything is fine with Dawn and Whitney’s friendship until Dawn accidentally lets it slip that she’s been hired to spend time with Whitney. Whitney is furious and refuses to talk to Dawn. One day Dawn’s sitting for a couple of girls who disappear. She finds them at a fair and learns that Whitney told them she was babysitting and took them there. Even though she kinda, sorta broke the law, Whitney was good with the girls and shows that she’s fairly mature. Dawn and the We ♥ Kids Club make Whitney an honorary member and tell her she can help out with special sitting jobs, which I guess means things like group activities.

Back in Stoneybrook, Mrs. Barrett and Mr. DeWitt get engaged, which their kids aren’t happy about. Then they all go house-hunting (with babysitters tagging along, of course, because parents in Stoneybrook don’t know how to parent without the BSC) and the kids suddenly work things out. I don’t know.

In the other B-plot, Dawn’s father is dating a lot of women and for some reason keeps taking Dawn and Jeff along on what he calls “family dates.” I guess it’s to make sure whoever he’s with gets along with his kids. He dates a long string of losers, including one who meets Whitney and acts like she has the plague. Another is the mother of a snobby girl from Dawn’s school, and she brings the daughter, Alana, along on the date. Dawn and Alana taunt each other the entire time, acting less mature than Whitney.

Dawn and Jeff realize they really miss Carol (who was unceremoniously dumped in Dawn and the We ♥ Kids Club), and this is driven home when Carol comes across the scene at the fair and treats Whitney like a normal person. Dawn mentions to her father that she saw Carol, and they start dating again. Then all of a sudden, they’re engaged. That seems awfully fast, especially when they didn’t work out their issues from previous books, but I guess we’re supposed to find it romantic.

Thoughts: Dawn, do a TV commercial for California and move on to another subject already.

Dawn’s father is also named Richard? What’s up with Sharon and guys named Richard?

Isn’t eight a little old for a flower girl?

“Alana. That was an unusual name.” Says the girl whose best friend’s name is Sunshine Daydream.

Wait, Alana calls Dawn’s father Jack. Is his name Richard or Jack? Why is this so hard, ghostwriter??

I can’t believe the writer didn’t have Kristy and Shannon mastermind some reconciliation for the Barrett and DeWitt kids during the house-hunting expedition. The plot just…ends.


  1. Alana said,

    Oh, wow! There’s a character in the BSC-verse with MY (apparently remarkably unusual) name, and I never would have known about it if you hadn’t blogged about this book! Thanks! *big smile*

    PS- LOVE your Dawson recaps!

  2. kate said,

    “Dawn’s father is also named Richard? What’s up with Sharon and guys named Richard?”

    Wow. The jokes practically write themselves on that one… !

  3. Anne said,

    Eight is junior bridesmaid age.

  4. Marianna EM said,

    I believe Dawn’s dad’s name is Jack… but there was probably a continuity error where the ghostwriters mixed him up with Mary Anne’s dad.

    Because if his name really is Richard, then it seems that Sharon was trying to replace Mary Anne’s dad with him.

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