May 14, 2011

SVH #89, Elizabeth Betrayed: Truth Be Told

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Wow, Olivia looks HORRIBLE

Summary: Penny is going to D.C. for a couple of weeks, and she elects Elizabeth to edit the Oracle while she’s gone. This makes Olivia jealous, though she soon distracts herself with the literary magazine she runs. Her boyfriend, Rod (where did he come from? He wasn’t the guy she was with in Olivia’s Story), is obsessed with Elizabeth and won’t stop talking about her. He also keeps telling Olivia that he doesn’t like Elizabeth as anything more than a friend, and for some reason Olivia believes him.

Elizabeth has to put in a ton of work on the Oracle because a bunch of the other writers are out with the flu. She ends up letting Rod write a feature article, even though he’s an artist, not a writer, and no one thinks it’s a good idea. Jessica is also helpful, writing a story about whether telling the truth is really the best idea (something she’s been thinking about lately after getting in trouble with Lila for not being completely honest about how her hair looks with purple highlights). Jessica and Rod’s stories are both hits, though Rod’s seems familiar to Elizabeth. Jessica decides that despite how great her article was, she’s only going to tell the truth from now on.

Thanks to all that work on the Oracle, Elizabeth falls behind on an English assignment about comparing a work of art to a poem. Rod offers to help her out, since he’s such an art genius, but his idea of help is taking Elizabeth to the Dairi Burger and being all flirty. Olivia spots them and gets mad, but later Elizabeth calms her down. Rod winds up being a big help with the assignment, and though Elizabeth’s final essay isn’t her best work and she didn’t have time to really interpret the topic in her own words, she turns it in. Except it turns out that the ideas are all from a famous art critic, and Mr. Collins knows it. He gives Elizabeth an F on the paper and suspends her from the Oracle. She won’t tell him that Rod gave her the ideas, so he gets off scot-free.

Olivia’s life starts looking up, since Mr. Collins asks her to fill in for Penny until she gets back, and she and Rod are really clicking. After the local paper publishes one of her poems, which Elizabeth urged her to submit, Olivia realizes that Elizabeth is awesome but doesn’t know how to resolve everything. Jessica, still on her honesty kick (and ticking people off left and right), helps Olivia realize what’s really been going on with Rod and his feelings for Elizabeth. Olivia rereads Rod’s feature article and realizes that he plagiarized a bunch of people. Penny and Olivia show Mr. Collins the article and tell him the whole Elizabeth thing is Rod’s fault. Rod gets dumped and criticized, while everything works out for Elizabeth.

As for Jessica, Lila comes up with a plan to let everyone get revenge on her: a day where everyone tells Jessica the complete, brutal truth just as she’s been doing. Though Jessica appears to learn her lesson, she can’t argue with her honest policy when Elizabeth thanks her for telling Olivia the truth about the Rod stuff. Oh, and Jessica’s honesty has broken up John Pfeifer and his girlfriend, opening the door for Lila to date John. I’m sure Lila will be completely grateful about that.

Thoughts: Umm, as if Lila would dye her hair purple.

Jessica considers buying pink overalls. Even more as if.

Ned buys a glass sculpture of meerkats. WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE IN THIS BOOK?

Jessica: “We had a little argument in history today.” Amy: “You argued about history? How can you argue about history? It’s been over for years.” Hee.

“A dagger of unhappiness stabbed Elizabeth’s heart.” Melodramatic much, ghostwriter?

Rod thinks silver star earrings are unusual. Shut up, Rod.

Mr. Collins never read the issue of the Oracle that came out while he was out sick. What a crappy advisor.

Everyone makes a big deal about how weird it is that Rod wrote a great article when he’s not a good English student. But Jessica isn’t a good student either, and she’s written two articles everyone loved. Okay, I have to stop looking for logic in SVH books.

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