May 20, 2011

BH90210 1.1, Class of Beverly Hills: Beverly Hills, That’s Where I Want to Be

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"Are these pleated khakis turning you on?"

Summary: Twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh are new to Beverly Hills, having just moved there from Minneapolis. Brandon is pretty relaxed about their first day at their new school, but Brenda wants to make a good first impression. Steve Sanders meets up with his ex, Kelly Taylor, who got a nose job over the summer. Brenda and Brandon meet with their new principal, who’s impressed with their academic achievements and warns that West Beverly is competitive.

Kelly makes Brenda her chemistry lab partner so she doesn’t have to sit with an overweight girl. In Brandon and Steve’s Spanish class, Andrea Zuckerman is the only person who actually understands the language. Later, Brandon meets with her to discuss writing for the school paper. At lunch, no one wants to sit with Brandon. Kelly tells Brenda that West Beverly is socially intense; one false move and you’re in a lot of trouble. Freshmen David Silver and Scott Scanlon are harassed by football players.

A plane flies over the school advertising a party, and Kelly tells Brenda it’s being thrown by a super-rich girl named Marianne Moore. The two of them decide to go together. Even though freshmen aren’t invited (though Marianne spells it “freshman”), David is resigned to go. On the way home, Brandon and Brenda talk about the party, but she doesn’t want to go with him. Brenda’s mom Cindy embarrasses her a little by insisting on meeting her new friends (including Donna Martin) before the party. Brandon meets up with Steve and they head into the party together. Brandon and Brenda hang out with their new friends at the party as David tells Scott he wants a shot at Kelly. Scott gets outed as a freshman and shoved into the pool.

Brandon meets a girl who’s also alone and she immediately hits on him. She tells him she hates that the same people always come to these kinds of parties. He asks why she goes to them and she admits that the party’s at her house – she’s Marianne. She threw the party because her parents always tell her to be social, but she doesn’t actually like a lot of people, despite being popular. Brandon asks if he can call her sometime. She writes her name on his arm in lipstick. Steve gets tipsy from a bottle in a paper bag, then asks Kelly to dance, yelling at her when she says no. He tells David that she’s a huge bitca and he dumped her because she’s horrible in bed. David figures out that Steve’s mom Samantha is a huge TV star. He goes looking for Scott but winds up getting volunteered as Steve’s designated driver. Steve’s too drunk to care that David doesn’t have his license.

Kelly and Brenda pull up next to them on the way home and call David a geek. David’s night gets worse when a cop car pulls up behind them at a red light. For some reason, he puts on a football uniform. He delivers Steve home safely but doesn’t put the car in park, so it rolls down the driveway and crashes. On Monday, Brenda teases Brandon about how he’s talked about Marianne all weekend. He’s not sure anything could ever happen between them since Marianne’s rich and the Walshes are normal. At school, Steve’s drunken antics are being laughed about, and it turns out he’s not sure who drove him home. Said driver is freaking out that Bruce Steve will kill him over crashing 1Bruce1 his car.

Kelly makes Brenda’s ID a fake ID and gets her in trouble for not paying attention in class. Brenda’s worried about breaking the law since she’s never broken one before. Still, she makes plans to go to a club with Kelly and Donna. Brandon finds Marianne at lunch and asks if she wants to go to Paris over the weekend. She doesn’t get that he’s joking, but she’s up for it. She’ll settle for a regular local date, though. Brandon asks Andrea for suggestions for a date spot, but she wants his article and won’t be helpful. She tells him she didn’t go to Marianne’s party because socializing won’t get her into an Ivy League college. But somehow, she knows of a romantic restaurant where Brandon should take Marianne.

Brenda gets ready to go to the club, though she’s told Cindy she’s going to another party. Brenda thinks she should treat her daughter more like the Beverly Hills parents treat their kids. Her fake ID gets her into the club, but the doorman (DJIMON HOUNSOU! I’M TOTALLY SERIOUS!) rejects Kelly’s, so Brenda’s the only girl in the group to get access. Some guy named Jason offers to buy her a drink (she takes five minutes to choose something and finally orders a banana daiquiri). She pretends to be a student at UCLA. Brandon and Marianne head out on their date on her dad’s motorcycle, eventually ending up drinking champagne and making out in a hot tub. She want to get naked, but he doesn’t want to rush things. Brandon asks if her mom didn’t teach her about playing hard to get, and Marianne tells him her dad manages rock bands and his mom was a groupie. He expects that later he’ll regret being an idiot, but she doesn’t think he is.

Brenda, however, is, as she goes to Jason’s place, still pretending to be in college. He starts to take her clothes off and she tells him to slow down, which he actually does. He takes her home (well, to the sorority house she pretends is her home), giving her his number; she told him she doesn’t have a phone. Brenda winds up taking a cab home, arriving at the same time Brandon does. They’re both late and tell each other not to say anything to Cindy. The next morning, Brenda calls Kelly to tell her about Jason. (By the way, Kelly’s mom is really annoying.) Kelly tells Brenda to have a good time and not worry about her lies.

At school, Kelly teases Steve about his car and tells him a freshman drove him home from Marianne’s party. Brenda’s schoolwork is clearly suffering thanks to her new friendship with Kelly. Brandon gets flowers delivered to him in Spanish class. Andrea tells him that she doesn’t see it working out for him and Marianne, since he’s smart and down-to-earth, but she isn’t. He tells her that Marianne’s very different from the way people see her. Brenda calls Jim’s answering machine from a pay phone (so ‘90s) so her friends can hear his voice. Steve puts out a bounty on David, who’s been wearing a disguise. He tells Scott he accidentally left Scott’s Lakers cap in the car, and Scott notes that his name is inside it.

In gym class, some guy asks Brandon how Marianne was in bed. Brandon gives him a vague answer, then learns that the story about him and Marianne having sex is all over school. Marianne responds to the news by hitting him in the stomach. She accuses Brandon of using her to become popular. If anyone cares, the principal and the Spanish teacher are totally going to do it. Andrea yells at Brandon for being a jerk. David and Scott break into Steve’s car, setting off the alarm. It seems Steve was hoping for this, so he’s ready to bust them. He first thinks Scott is the car-crasher, but David comes clean and offers to pay for the damages. He advises Scott to get himself a good quote from his insurance company and make some money.

Brandon talks to Brenda about the Marianne situation and how he feels bad for not denying the rumor. She’s happy to hear that he hasn’t turned into the sort of guy who would do what he’s rumored to have done. She tells him she has a date with an older guy, again swearing him to secrecy. Brenda admits that sometimes she thinks she’s in love with Jason, but that can’t be true because they just met. She heads out in a dress her parents should have never let her even look at in a store. Jason and Brenda have dinner with a couple of his friends, and she pretends to be an astronomy major, which is especially stupid since she knows nothing about astronomy. (A black hole is “just a hole. That’s black.” Please tell me more, Ms. Wizard.) Later, Jason invites Brenda to spend the night the next Friday.

Brandon goes on the school radio station to tell everyone that he and Marianne didn’t do anything. He apologizes, feeling bad that Marianne doesn’t trust him anymore. Brenda tells Kelly about Jason’s proposition, and Kelly tells her it’s time to tell the truth. Brenda’s not really in favor of that, but she’s not sure she’s ready to have sex with him either. Their chemistry teacher tells them he’s suspicious of their similar answers on a recent quiz and lets them know he’s watching them. Brandon tracks down Marianne, who’s still a little mad and regrets letting him get close to her. She decides to stay home this weekend, which she never does. She does seem open to dating him in the future, though.

The principal tells Brenda he’s concerned about her slipping grades and asks if he can do anything to help her. She just says she’ll work harder. He gives her a note to have her parents sign. Brandon tries to talk to Andrea about how he’s not a jerk, but she runs off to catch a bus. He follows her in his car as we see that Andrea speaks Spanish so well because she rides the bus with a lot of Hispanic women. Brandon realizes that Andrea lives way outside of Beverly Hills; she tells him she’s not rich and wants to go to a good school. The administration doesn’t know she’s not from Beverly Hills. Brandon explains the Marianne situation, trying to let Andrea know that he’s not a bad guy. She tells him she uses her grandmother’s address to go to West Beverly, and he promises to keep quiet. She’s happy to finally get to bring a friend home from school.

Brenda and Jason go out again, and he tells her that the last woman he went on three dates with wound up being his girlfriend for almost a year. They broke up because they had a fight about furniture. Brenda decides to come clean, and Jason’s understandably furious. “I should sue your parents,” he says. He drives her home (I would’ve made her walk) and she tells him her feelings for him haven’t changed. Brenda wants sympathy for having to lie to her family and shirk her schoolwork for him. She also admits that she was going to sleep with him. Once home, Brenda apologizes to Cindy, who says she knew things weren’t right but she wanted Brenda to be happy. Brandon wants to know what happened with Brenda, but she wants to keep it to herself for a while. She tells him she misses Minneapolis, where things weren’t this complicated. He thinks she had sex, but both twins confirm that they’re still virgins. Brenda’s not sure they’ll make it in Beverly Hills, but Brandon seems optimistic.

Thoughts: I know all the 90210 pop-culture references (“I choose me,” “Donna Martin graduates,” Andrea Zuckerman is 30 years old, etc.), but I’ve never watched it before. And I’m sad about that, because this show is AWESOME. The outfits alone are blog-worthy.

I also knew West Beverly was the same school used for Sunnydale High, but it was still weird to see it. I kept expecting the Scoobies to walk through a scene.

The school has valet parking? What?

I think I’m going to hate Andrea. A lot.

Teeny-tiny Brian Austin Green is cracking me up. But at least he looks like a high schooler.

Jason is played by Maxwell Caulfield, who was born in 1959, making him 31 when this episode was filmed. That makes the 25-year-old-dating-a-16-year-old thing a bit creepier.

And now, some glorious, glorious outfits:

  • Brenda wears red jeans. Like, ketchup red.
  • Kelly wears an orange blazer, a purple shirt, white Lycra shorts with purple polka dots, and turquoise tights. Even Claudia Kishi’s like, “What’s up with that?”
  • Kelly also wears a green blazer that makes her look like she just won a golf tournament.
  • Brenda wears a turquoise blazer, an orange shirt, and a black and white checkered shirt. Yes, together.


  1. Sada said,

    Have you discovered yet that Steve’s license plate number is I8A4RE??

    • Jenn said,

      I could tell it said something, but I couldn’t figure it out until now. Oh, Steve.

  2. Jess Chapman said,

    I loved this:

    BRENDA: “I had a lot of friends back home.”
    KELLY: “In Minneapolis? . . . But it’s so cold!”

    What, too cold for people to have friends? Also, I hear it gets pretty smokin’ in the summer there. So, shut up, Kelly.

  3. Megan said,

    back then Jason was hot

  4. jessamorgan89 said,

    Also worth nothing is that Marianne was played by Leslie Bega, who went on to play Valentina La Paz, one of Tony’s mistresses on The Sopranos. And, yes, we do get a glimpse of what Brandon missed out on.

  5. Myriam said,

    Soo many things are non sensical in this ep… like how on earth did David manage to get that quickly in a football uniform? And why would that prevent the police officer from stopping him?

    And “I should sue your parents” like whatttt on what possible grounds? -_-

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