May 28, 2011

BH90210 1.4, The First Time: In Which Brandon Swipes His V Card

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Don't you just want to open up to this man about sex?

Summary: Brandon gets a call from his old girlfriend, Cheryl, who’s coming to visit for the weekend. He tells Andrea that they dated for a year, then “cut each other loose” because he didn’t want a long-distance relationship. Brenda gushes to Kelly and Donna over her algebra teacher, who is totally not gush-worthy at all. Meanwhile, Brandon gushes to Dylan over Cheryl and how “real” she is. He lets it slip that he and Cheryl have never had sex.

Not-Hot Teacher (Mr. Brody) asks Brenda to stay after class, and she imagines him asking her to run away with him. He really just wants her to babysit while he and his wife go out. Andrea invites Brandon to talk to her about his nerves over Cheryl’s visit. This appears to just make him more nervous. Brandon runs into David, who’s heard about Cheryl’s visit from Steve and tells Brandon a story about reuniting with an old camp girlfriend. Except they never actually reunited, and she met someone else and hasn’t talked to him since, and this is just some random excuse to get David in the episode unnecessarily. He thinks Brandon’s nervous over nothing.

Brandon and Brenda go home to find Cheryl there early, and she and Brandon pretty much pick up where they left off. Cindy and Jim hope Cheryl stays out of their son’s room that night. In fact, Brandon and Cheryl are kind of, sort of planning to have sex for the first time. This keeps the two of them and Cindy up late. Cheryl eventually makes her way to Brandon’s room as Cindy wakes Jim up to eavesdrop. Cindy thinks she has a responsibility to check on Cheryl, since she’s a houseguest, but Jim wants to give the kids the benefit of the doubt and wait till the morning to talk to them. This allows Brandon and Cheryl to do their thing uninterrupted.

In the morning, Brandon and Cheryl are both really happy, while Cindy is way too calm for someone who totally knows her son just had sex a few doors down. The lovebirds go out to see the sights, then meet up with Dylan. He invites them to a club called Contact where they might see some stars (since Cheryl’s obsessed). Brenda tells Cheryl that she hasn’t figured Dylan out yet. She gets dressed up for her babysitting job, and Cheryl reminds her that she’s going to met Mr. Brody’s wife. Cindy presses Jim to talk to Brandon about the previous night, saying she doesn’t think their behavior was acceptable. Jim says it’s more about responsibility than what’s acceptable.

All the teens at the Walsh house leave for their Saturday-night activities, and Cheryl asks to ride with Dylan in his Porsche while Brandon drops Brenda off at Mr. Brody’s. He asks Brenda if she thinks Cheryl’s been acting weird. He’s worried about how excited Cheryl and Dylan were to spend a little time alone. Brenda thinks he’s being paranoid and needs to trust his friend and his girlfriend. She then meets Mr. Brody’s annoying wife and bratty kids. She also learns that Mr. Brody isn’t even sure which of his classes she’s in.

Brandon gets to the club after Dylan and Cheryl, and finds them dancing closely. He confronts Dylan for hitting on his girlfriend, but Dylan replies that Cheryl hit on him. Brandon punches him and Dylan says he needs to figure out who his friends are. Brandon tells Cheryl she’s had too much to drink, and she tells him not to tell her what to do. She says they’re not closer just because they had sex – and she would know, since that wasn’t her first time. Brandon’s mad since Cheryl made him wait. He demands to know who the guy was, but she won’t tell him. She announces that she’s going back to Minneapolis.

Donna and Kelly drop by Mr. Brody’s house to see where he lives. They’re not at all helpful with the kids. (Also, in four episodes, Donna has yet to do anything at all.) Brandon sees Cheryl get in a cab but can’t chase after her. Kelly and Donna snoop around the house and find a photo album. Of course, that’s right when the Brodys come home. Mrs. Brody isn’t happy to see random girls in her house, but Mr. Brody doesn’t seem to care. Brenda decides that now that she’s seen his real life, she’s no longer in love with him. When she gets home, Cindy tells her that Cheryl’s parents called – she’s been missing for three days and they had no idea she was coming to Beverly Hills. She’s not visiting, she ran away.

Brandon goes to Dylan’s, where Cheryl’s hiding out, and Dylan promises that they’re not into each other. Cheryl tells Brandon that his move was hard on her; he doesn’t miss her the way she misses him. She wasn’t able to escape her problems, like an absent father, an annoying stepfather, and an uncaring mother. Brandon wishes she’d talked to him about her problems. Cheryl says she felt safe when they were together and she could spend time with his family, so she always seemed happy. When Brandon moved, that fell apart. Coming to visit only made things worse. Except it wasn’t really a visit, as Cheryl confesses that she ran away.

For some reason, Jim and Cindy tell Brenda that Cheryl didn’t sleep in Brenda’s room last night. (Trust me, she does NOT want to know that about her brother.) Brandon and Cheryl come home and she calls her mom while he talks to Brenda about how the relationship is probably over. In the morning, Cheryl packs to go home, though she’d like to move out to Beverly Hills in a few years. She apologizes for what happened, telling Brandon that their first time having sex together was special, even if it wasn’t her first time ever. He asks again who her first was, but she still won’t tell him. She will, however, tell him he’s a great lover. In front of Brenda. Ew.

Brandon and Jim play basketball and talk about Cheryl. Jim says his father once told him one day he’d meet a girl who broke his heart, then one who wouldn’t. Brandon won’t know who the heartbreaker and the non-heartbreaker are right away. Every relationship is special and he needs to be responsible. Brandon thinks Jim is talking about sex, but he’s really talking about love. Brandon asks if there have been any new developments in sex since they had “the talk” when he was ten, his way of saying the conversation is unnecessary.

Thoughts: Andrea totally has a crush on Brandon, right? I’m not the only one who sees that?

It appears that Brian Austin Green’s voice changed and he grew six inches since the last episode.

Do people actually say, “Do you have protection?”

Brenda’s never babysat before? That’s almost unheard of for a teenage girl.

Elliott, Mr. Brody’s son: “My daddy has a penis.” Brenda: “I’m sure he does.” BWA HA HA HA HA HA! Shannen Doherty delivered that line perfectly.


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  1. Sada said,

    Andrea totally has a crush on Brandon, right? I’m not the only one who sees that?

    Ha! Your 90210 naivete is so cute! (And yes, Brandon totally gives Andrea a lady boner.)

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