June 2, 2011

BH90210 1.6, Higher Education: Those Who Fail History are Doomed to Be Lectured By Jim

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This is what happens when you trust Kelly

Summary: Brandon works at the Peach Pit, waiting on his history teacher, Mr. Danzel. The next day, he gets a C on a quiz. Brandon notes that some of the people who got the same grade only missed a couple of questions. Mr. Danzel says there’s a big difference between excellence and mediocrity. Brandon’s surprised to learn that Steve got an A on the quiz; Donna tells him that Steve’s really good at history, but nothing else.

Andrea tries to send Brandon to cover a swim meet for the newspaper, but he has too much schoolwork to do. She thinks he’s just mad about the C and suggests they study together. Kelly totally has a crush on Dylan, and even though he claims he prefers blondes, he may be more interested in Brenda. The feeling is mutual. That night, Brenda imagines herself blonde, and when Cindy says she’s beautiful, Brenda complains that she’s not “California beautiful.” She wants to do something new with her hair.

Brandon and Andrea study, which does nothing to help Brandon’s ego, since she knows everything. She calls him sensitive and he calls her condescending and businesslike, which makes her storm off. Brandon gets a C on the next history quiz, while Andrea and Steve get more good grades. Steve suggests that they form a study group. Like all teen-TV-show study groups, they don’t study so much as hang out by the pool. Steve tells Brandon certain things he needs to memorize because they’re questions Mr. Danzel will most likely ask.

On the next quiz, Brandon gets a question worded pretty much exactly the way Steve posed it to him. In fact, every question on the test is one they studied for. Brandon accuses Steve of stealing the test, which he denies. But Andrea didn’t know the answer to a question since they haven’t studied it yet. Steve admits that he does steal Mr. Danzel’s quizzes, offering the next one to Brandon.

Donna recommends her mother’s hairstylist to Brenda, while Kelly has another suggestion, but he’s too expensive. Donna then gets distracted by the fact that she put both contacts in the same eye. (Wow, Donna’s…special.) Brandon waits on Mr. Danzel again, and the teacher compliments him for doing well on the last quiz. In class after the next quiz, Mr. Danzel praises Brandon for being the only student to ace the most recent test.

Andrea complains that Brandon screwed up the curve; she herself got a C, and now she’s down on her chances of going to Yale. She wants to study with Brandon again, but he declines. Brenda asks Cindy if she can have $300 to change her hair, which is one of the dumbest questions she could ever ask. Cindy says people fix their hair so it’ll look like Brenda’s. Jim raves over Brandon’s history grades and how he’ll definitely make the honor roll.

Brandon runs into Mr. Danzel at the Peach Pit, and his teacher praises him for turning his grades around. Brandon notes that Mr. Danzel didn’t give him the time of day when he was getting C’s. He obviously wasn’t memorable until he was getting A’s. Brandon goes on a rant about memorization and how Mr. Danzel’s teaching practices aren’t fair. On the next quiz, Brandon sneaks out some note cards and Andrea catches him. She calls him a hypocrite, saying he used to be the only decent person at West Beverly.

Jim comments to Cindy that Brandon isn’t very proud of his good grades. Cindy reminds him that grades aren’t everything. The class is tough enough that Brandon doesn’t need any additional pressure from his parents. Brenda lets Kelly color her hair, which anyone with half a brain knows is a horrible idea. She winds up with weird blond streaks that she hates. She admits to Brandon that she wanted a change, but she’s still the same person inside. He tries to get her to stay positive.

Dylan tells Brendon that he had Mr. Danzel the year before, and he’s retiring soon. He warns Brandon that cheating will lead to bad karma. Kelly and Donna lie that Brenda’s hair looks great. Steve tracks down Brandon, who asks if he feels guilty about cheating. He obviously doesn’t, as he’s stolen the midterm and tries to give it to Brandon. Brandon runs off to talk to Andrea, who’s mad about his cheating and her own C.

In class, Mr. Danzel asks questions that Brandon doesn’t know the answers to, but Andrea does. Mr. Danzel tells everyone that Brandon resents the memorization in class and asked to be challenged, which is what Mr. Danzel just did. He tells Brandon to start thinking. Cindy tells Brenda that she understands what she’s going through; when she was 17, “California Girls” was a popular song, and she and her friend ironed their hair. She wants Brenda to realize how beautiful she is with her own brown hair.

Steve shows up at the Peach Pit to commiserate with Brandon over how Mr. Danzel treated him in class. Oh, and he wants to make sure Brandon won’t bust him over the stolen midterm. He tells him everyone cheats and bends the rules. Steve tries to use the “how will your father feel if you fail?” card to get Brandon to accept the stolen test, which he finally does.

When Brandon leaves work, Mr. Danzel’s in the parking lot with a flat tire, so Brandon fixes it for him. They discuss Mr. Danzel’s upcoming retirement; he knows students don’t like him, but he knows they’ll remember what they learned in his class. He tells Brendon that he dresses formally because his wife bought his clothes before she died, and they help him remember her. Brandon drops the stolen test and Mr. Danzel hands it back to him, seemingly not realizing what it is.

Brandon talks to Andrea about cheating, something she’s never done. He notes that she’s never going to forgive him for doing it. He says she always acts like she has a personal stake in everything he does, as if they’re dating. Andrea thinks he calls cheating a gray area so he can ease his conscience. Brandon says he was looking for some support, which he’s obviously not going to get from her. (Oh, boo-hoo, cheater.)

Cindy tries to get Brenda to go out for a jog without her hat on, as well as laugh at herself. Brenda does relinquish the hat, which she regrets when she runs into Dylan. He tells her he doesn’t really care what color hair a girl has. He also has a friend who can fix her hair for her. Brandon tells his parents to admit that they would be disappointed if he didn’t do well on his history midterm. Jim replies that he just wants Brandon to be happy again.

Brenda comes home with her hair back to normal and tells Brandon that she and Dylan are friends. Brandon and Andrea meet up before the midterm and he tells her he’s not going to cheat and screw up the curve. Everything’s fixed between them, because now Andrea will get what she wants. Brandon tells Steve that he couldn’t even make himself look at the stolen test. He’s confident his studying will be enough to help him pass the test.

Mr. Danzel tells his students to look at the test, then tear it up. Their midterm will now consist of an essay about what they think the government should have done to save Native Americans in the 19th century. Brandon’s the last student to finish, and he tells Mr. Danzel the question was hard, but good. Mr. Danzel tells him he’s been giving the same midterm for years, and some people may have gotten their hands on it. Brandon replies that some of those people may have chosen not to cheat. He’s sorry to see Mr. Danzel retire, but the teacher reminds him that the semester isn’t over yet.

Thoughts: Dylan, you can either wear overalls or ride a motorcycle, but you can’t do both. No, scratch that: You can’t wear overalls.

Andrea edits the school paper and wants to go to an Ivy League school – so she’s an unentertaining Paris Geller.

If Mr. Danzel’s class has a quiz every week, then this episode covers, like, two months.

Jim, re: Brandon getting another A: “I think it’s great.” Cindy: “We hear you, dear.” I love you, Cindy.

Also, I just realized my pastor and his wife are named Jim and Cindy. Sadly, their son’s name isn’t Brandon.

Whatever, Andrea. You don’t care about karma or morals. You just care about the curve.


  1. Sada said,

    Is this the episode where Brenda says to Dylan, “I love your butt… I mean, your bike…”? I found that suuuuper hilarious when I was 13.

    In college, my friends and I played a game called “Hippie, Gay, or Idiot” whenever we saw a dude in the cafeteria wearing overalls.

  2. Myriam said,


    Rewatching these old eps, I find it super interesting how dumb Donna is portrayed as… Aaron Spelling made Donna keep her virginity 7 seasons because he didn’t want the public to think of his daughter as a slut, but he didn’t mind the public thinking of her as super dumb? So stupid.

  3. Myriam said,

    And yes, Paris Gellar is so much better than Anhdrea.

  4. Jenna said,

    More like Paris Gellar is an entertaining Andrea Zuckerman. Since Ahhhndrea came first and all.

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