June 14, 2011

BH90210 1.7, Perfect Mom: Where’s Jeff VanVonderen When You Need Him?

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Judging by these clothes, I'd say they're all high

Summary: There’s a mother/daughter fashion show coming up at West Beverly, and Brandon presses Andrea to cover it for the paper, as well as participate. She tells him she can’t bring her mom to Beverly Hills and make her pretend she lives there. He suggests that she bring Cindy instead. David tells Scott he wants to get into Kelly’s dressing room at the fashion show (and her pants), under the guise of filming for the video yearbook.

Brenda meets Kelly’s mom, Jackie, who dresses even younger than her daughter does. Kelly’s concerned with her mother’s drinking. Brenda tells Cindy how awesome Jackie is, but Cindy feels bad that Kelly’s on her own so much because Jackie’s always out. Jackie comes home hungover the next morning and has Kelly cancel all of her appointments for the day. She also yells at Kelly for dumping out a bottle of booze. Kelly urges Jackie to call her sponsor, reminding her that she supposedly stopped drinking. Jackie sends her on a guilt trip.

Brenda raves more about Jackie, noticing that Cindy doesn’t like her much. Cindy says they don’t have much in common, which Brenda interprets as Cindy thinking she’s better than Jackie. Brandon invites Andrea over for dinner, and she thanks him for giving her a chance to write about something new. Kelly wants to hang out at Brenda’s house, since Jackie’s getting on her nerves, but Brenda thinks she’s crazy not to want to be around Jackie. Kelly says that she has problems Brenda doesn’t have to worry about.

Andrea and Kelly both wind up at the Walshes’ for dinner. Brandon asks Cindy about doing the fashion show with Brenda and Andrea, but Cindy hasn’t heard anything about it. She’s hurt, thinking Brenda’s embarrassed to be seen with her. Later, Brenda apologizes, saying she didn’t think Cindy would want to participate. Cindy asks why Brenda’s annoyed with her for being so down to earth. Brenda says Cindy was “more Beverly Hills in Minneapolis than [she is] in Beverly Hills.” Cindy agrees that she hasn’t been doing much.

Kelly heads home and finds that her mother has accidentally locked her out. Fortunately, the house has a doggie door. Kelly finds Jackie passed out and tends to her. The next morning she calls her mother’s friend to blast her for letting Jackie drink. Jackie finally gets up, but only to do some coke. Kelly reminds her that her father will cut off his alimony payments if Jackie starts using again. Jackie brings out the guilt trip again in response.

Everyone gets ready for the fashion show, which Jackie and Kelly are late for. Cindy and Brenda assure Andrea that she looks gorgeous (she kind of does). David tries to film the backstage preparations but Donna throws him out. Jackie and Kelly finally arrive and Jackie heads straight to the bathroom to do more coke. Cindy catches her, ducking right back out. She’s shocked to learn that the druggie is the woman her daughter is suddenly idolizing.

The coke loosens Jackie’s tongue, so her emceeing of the fashion show is pretty much a disaster. Someone’s mom guesses that Jackie’s on something. Kelly runs off, and when Brenda follows, Kelly tells her that her mom isn’t as amazing as Brenda thought. Jackie got clean about a year ago, but she’s had a bad week and relapsed. Kelly doesn’t think she’ll be able to face everyone at school after this. She also believes that her mother doesn’t love her, and Kelly will never be able to forgive her. She knows things will get worse if she goes back home with Jackie.

Cindy takes Kelly and Andrea to the Walshes’ and lets Kelly rant about how she’s sick of Jackie’s alcoholism being her problem. Andrea admits that she thinks Kelly’s awesome for the way she deals with her home life without letting on at school. Kelly replies that she never knew Andrea was so pretty. Jackie shows up to get Kelly, and Brenda tries to turn her away, but Cindy lets her in. Kelly informs Jackie that she’s not going home, blasting her for embarrassing her (and herself) in front of Kelly’s classmates. She can’t trust Jackie and insists that she get help.

After Jackie leaves, ordering Kelly to come home after dinner, Brenda sees Cindy comforting Kelly and realizes how good she has it. Later that evening, Kelly goes home and finds Jackie packing to go back to rehab. (Well, that was easy.) She credits Kelly with saving her and says she’s proud to have her as a daughter. Brenda tells Brandon that she feels horrible for not seeing how Kelly was hurting, and for treating Cindy so poorly. Brandon points out that she’s never dealt with this sort of thing before, adding that Cindy is always there for them.

Kelly calls Cindy to give her the news about Jackie going back to rehab, telling her that Brenda’s lucky to have her as a mom. Brenda apologizes to Cindy for thinking that Jackie was so much better than her. David stops by the Taylors’ house and gives Kelly his tape of the fashion show, assuring her that it won’t make it to the video yearbook. She makes his day by telling him he’s a nice guy, then takes off for rehab with Jackie.

In other news, Jim has a keyboard. Yeah.

Thoughts: I never expected to praise anyone’s acting on this show, but I thought Jennie Garth did a really good job in this episode.

If the Real Housewives franchise had existed in the early ’90s, Jackie so would have been on it.

Brenda’s dress at the fashion show (pictured above) has a cape with fur on it. Yes, both fur and a cape. Very ’90s.

Why are Donna and her mom’s outfits the only ones that match?

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  1. Sada said,

    Cindy does kind of rule. But Jim and his keyboard are another story.

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