June 25, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.14, To Be or Not to Be…: Hunting Gay Elephants

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Note: This elephant may or may not be gay. We'll have to get him to write a poem so we can find out

Summary: Jack has made a model city for Dawson’s movie, and Dawson and Pacey are really impressed with it. After Pacey leaves to study, Dawson tells Jack that Andie has had a huge positive influence on Pacey. He adds that he really appreciates all of Jack’s help on the film. The two guys are apparently past their issues now. Jack asks for some advice on writing, and Dawson tells him to just listen to himself.

At school Pacey learns that he’s made two A’s and three B’s. He celebrates with some PDA with Andie. Jack wants to have his own PDA with Joey, who resists. Dawson and Jack make plans to film together, and Joey thinks Dawson’s only being nice because Jack’s helping with the movie. Ty approaches Jen, wondering why she hasn’t returned his numerous calls. He figures out that the Bible study turned her off. She confirms this, telling him his religiousness will keep them apart. He disagrees.

Pacey gets publicly ridiculed for turning in a messy poem, so he challenges the teacher, Mr. Peterson’s, grading policy. Jack is called out for agreeing with Pacey, and Mr. Peterson makes him read his poem to the class. Jack begs not to have to do it, but Mr. Peterson won’t take no for an answer. The poem, called “Today,” is something of a love poem, but it’s not about Joey, it’s about a guy. Jack gets so emotional that he runs out, and Pacey tries to go after him but Mr. Peterson forces him to stay.

In the computer lab/library (hard to tell), Joey and Dawson overhear some guys talking about Jack and what happened in class. The guys laugh over Jack being gay. Later Dawson visits Joey at the Icehouse and asks if she’s talked to Jack yet. She hasn’t, but she doesn’t think the rumors swirling around school are serious anyway. In fact, she thinks Dawson’s making a big deal out of the situation so she and Jack will fight and break up.

Andie and Pacey study together, and conversation turns to Jack. Andie thinks he shouldn’t have written a poem about a subject he didn’t want to discuss, especially when Mr. Peterson would be involved. Pacey thinks Andie should talk to her brother about his sexuality. Andie says there’s no way Jack is gay – he likes girls, he loves Joey, and he hates Madonna. Pacey asks how she would feel if her brother were gay. “I guess I’d be disappointed,” she replies. Ty keeps calling Jen and asking her for another date until she finally gives in.

Jack and Joey finally wind up in the same place at the same time, the Icehouse, and Bessie tells Joey to ask Jack what’s wrong. He tells Joey to ask him right out if there’s something she wants to know. He doesn’t think he needs to explain his poem, though Joey points out that she’s his girlfriend and should probably be informed if he likes guys.

Jack tells Joey that he struggled to write a poem, and one of the images that came to him was masculine, but not necessarily homosexual. Joey points out that he started crying when he read the poem. He’s not sure what that was about, but thinks it was because of all of his family angst. Jack assures her that he likes her, and if he were to write a love poem, it would be about her. Ty takes Jen to a jazz club, showing her that he likes music and sometimes drinks. At school, someone posts copies of Jack’s poems all over the halls. Pacey angrily pulls some of them down.

Mr. Peterson tells Jack he has to read the rest of the poem if he wants a complete grade. Pacey steps in and takes the poem, reading it for Jack. Mr. Peterson sends him to the principal, and before he leaves, Pacey calls him out for being a bully. Mr. Peterson threatens to fail him, even though he’s made A’s and B’s in class all years. He tells Pacey that he’s a failure and always will be one. Trying to teach him is like spitting in the face of the educational system. In response, Pacey spits in his face.

In a meeting with Mr. Peterson, the principal, and another teacher, Pacey refuses to apologize. The other teacher points out that Mr. Peterson isn’t completely innocent here. The principal warns Pacey that he’s in danger of being suspended. Jack chastises Pacey for stepping in for him. Jen remarks to Ty that he seems to have two different personalities. He tells her that just because he’s religious doesn’t mean he’s perfect. He asks her out again, pointing out that Grams likes him. She notes that Grams doesn’t know everything about him, not that Jen’s planning to clue her in.

Pacey tells Andie that he’d rather accept the suspension than apologize to Mr. Peterson. Dawson and Andie both think Pacey’s making a bad decision. Jack shows Joey the so-you-think-you-might-be-gay pamphlets he’s been given as Andie tells Pacey that being suspended will erase all the hard work he’s done. He tells her she’s helped him develop better instincts, which were what told him Mr. Peterson was doing something wrong.

Suddenly they notice that someone has spray-painted “fag” on Jack’s locker. Joey and Jack see it next, but Jack pretends to ignore it. Joey kisses him to try to prove a point to everyone watching them (and probably herself). At home Andie apologizes to Jack for being unfair to him. She admits that when she first heard about the incident with Mr. Peterson, she resented Jack for bringing more hardship on their family. Andie has since read the poem and thinks it’s beautiful. She doesn’t know if it means Jack’s gay, but she doesn’t care. She just knows Jack is as scared as she is.

Joey goes through Dawson’s window and apologizes to him for accusing him of trying to break up her and Jack. She’s starting to think that Jack really is gay. She doesn’t want to bring it up to Jack because then he’ll think she suspects he’s gay, and there will always be that elephant in the room. “Of course, in your case, it’s a gay elephant,” Dawson says. He encourages Joey to be honest with Jack if she wants to save their relationship. “Go hunt an elephant,” he tells her.

As Pacey waits to hear his fate from the principal, Dawson admits that he wouldn’t have stood up to Mr. Peterson the way Pacey did. Pacey asks if Dawson will be ashamed if he doesn’t apologize. Dawson assures Pacey that he’ll never be ashamed of him. Pacey winds up telling Mr. Peterson and the principal and he’s ashamed of his actions, but he’s not sorry for its intentions. The students never question what they’re told to do because they’re supposed to believe that what the adults are doing is right. Mr. Peterson was in no way right to ridicule Jack in front of the class, and Pacey can never respect him.

That night Andie tracks down Pacey, who’s been suspended for a week. He’s also upset that Andie didn’t support his decision not to apologize. She points out that she can’t support everything he does. She’s angry that she challenged one of his actions and he’s throwing it in her face. Andie notes that Jack is an innocent party in this, but Pacey knew what he was doing. Pacey’s upset that Mr. Peterson went after Jack, knowing that he couldn’t get the best of Pacey. If Pacey hadn’t accelerated things, they wouldn’t have ended up this way. He tells Andie that some messes can’t be cleaned up, they just have to be lived with.

Joey finds Jack at the Icehouse and asks straight-out (heh) if he’s gay. He says he’s not, and she’s relieved. Joey babbles, so Jack kisses her to shut her up. He agrees not to write any more poems. Things seem to be okay between them, or at least she thinks they are, but it’s clear that Jack is still struggling with something…

Thoughts: I could’ve sworn Jack and Joey had sex in this episode. I guess my memory’s playing tricks on me.

So Pacey’s the most sympathetic to Jack when he’s the one always shooting gay slurs at his own brother? Huh?

Hootie and the Blowfish! Wow, memories.


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