July 1, 2011

BH90210 1.11, B.Y.O.B.: Unhappy Hour

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Brandon gets drunk on this. I know, right?

Summary: Donna and her Peter Pan collar are throwing a party since her parents are going out of town. Brenda asks if she can bring Dylan, but he has surfing plans for the weekend. She begs Brandon to come with her instead, telling him he can leave after ten minutes if he wants. She reminds him that he said that morning he was bored. Jim and Cindy tell the twins that they might go out of town the next weekend (Jim has a work retreat), which anyone who has ever watched TV knows is a bad idea.

Steve plays bartender at Donna’s party and puts a little booze (very little – seriously, it’s less than a shot) in Brandon’s supposedly virgin margarita. Later, Brandon and Brenda notice Kelly and Steve getting a little close. Brenda tells her brother to loosen up since everyone else is having fun. Brandon figures out based on Steve’s not-so-subtle hints that his drink was not as much of a virgin as it let on. Brandon decides not to make a big deal out of it and drinks another.

Kelly and Steve wind up going upstairs together, but the more disturbing sight is that of Brandon dancing. Brenda thinks Kelly being with Steve is weird since she always talks about how much she hates her ex. Cindy waits up for her kids (Brenda finds it cute) and figures out that Brenda had something to drink. She asks Jim to talk to Brenda, since she’s “impressionable,” and since there’s no way Brandon would have had any alcohol.

The next morning, the Walshes and their matching tennis clothes confront Brenda about drinking the previous night. She downplays it. They ask Brandon if he knew his sister was drinking and chastise him for breaking “the rules” (make sure your sister doesn’t drink, I guess). After they leave, Brandon confirms with Brenda that she didn’t mention that he’d been drinking, too. The next weekend, Cindy and Jim get ready for their weekend away, telling Brandon to look after Brenda.

Kelly tells Brenda that Steve’s been bugging her all week and she’s decided to never drink again will solve that problem. Brenda tells Kelly and Donna that her parents found out she was drinking. Donna hears that Jim and Cindy are gone for the weekend and immediately wants to plan a party at the Walshes’. Brenda notes that Brandon would never go for it but agrees to try to convince him. At the retreat, Cindy and Jim meet their annoying hotel-room neighbors.

Brenda informs Brandon that they’re having a party while their parents are gone. She argues that it’s a good way for them to get to know people. She adds that they don’t have to drink if they don’t want to. Brandon gives in to Brenda’s whining about him always doing the right thing and agrees to the party. Meanwhile, Jim and Cindy’s neighbors are still annoying. Brandon invites Andrea to the party, and she can barely contain her crush.

David and Scott crash Brenda and Brandon’s party, where Steve gives Kelly some booze. Brenda’s concerned since Kelly’s mother is an alcoholic, though Kelly insists she’s not going to overdo it. Brenda’s also upset that Kelly invited more people than they’d planned. Cindy calls home in the middle of the party (I know, I never saw that coming) and Brenda tries to pretend that nothing’s going on. She catches Brandon drinking with Steve, and though he says there’s no problem, it’s obvious there is since someone has called the cops.

Dylan agrees to help Brenda handle the police, who ask them to turn down the music. Dylan then tries to sober Brandon up with coffee. When Andrea arrives, Brandon invites her to dance. The annoying neighbors totally want to have sex with Jim and Cindy, which is wrong on so many levels. David and Scott are nerdy while Steve tries to get Kelly to go upstairs with him. She gets away from him by asking David to dance. Brandon kisses Andrea, but instead of being happy, she’s shocked to realize that he’s drunk. He’s upset that she’s editing him like the editor he is.

All the liquor is gone, but Steve has a plan B. David has horrible white-boy dance moves. Brenda’s sick of the party and tells Dylan she’ll be kicking everyone out by 1 a.m. Steve’s plan B involves him going home to get more booze while Brandon goes to the store for more snacks. Since he’s drunk and this is a teen show, Brandon obviously has to get in an accident. Brenda calls her parents to tell them that Brandon was in an accident but is okay. Oh, except for the fact that he was arrested for driving drunk and is now in jail.

Jim and Cindy return to Beverly Hills and collect their son from lockup. They’re surprised to learn that their kids threw a party while they were out of town. (Clearly they are the most clueless parents in the world.) The house is trashed, and Jim is ticked about that on top of the drinking. Brenda’s excuse is that people brought booze with them, so what were they supposed to do? “Lock the door!” Jim replies.

Brenda argues that she didn’t break the rules since she wasn’t drinking, which Brandon confirms. He says that his drink was spiked without him knowing, though at least he takes responsibility for driving drunk. Later, Brenda asks Brandon why he lied about the exact order of events. He tells her to cut him some slack. At school on Monday, Brandon apologizes to Andrea while Brenda tells Kelly and Donna that she and Brandon have to pay for everything that was broken at the party. Kelly lets her know that everyone thought it was a great party. David dedicates a song to Kelly over the PA system.

Dylan visits Brandon at the Peach Pit and notes that he’s lucky he didn’t kill anyone while he was driving. He remarks that everyone has a dark side; Brandon just hides his better than most people. Brandon admits that spending the night in jail was scary, as was the accident itself. Brandon’s angry that his parents are so restrictive, so Dylan takes him to an AA meeting, where he reveals that he’s an alcoholic. This time Jim’s waiting up for Brandon when he gets home, and Brandon admits that the party wasn’t the first time he had a drink.

Thoughts: Remember when I said no one cares about Mitch and Gail? Same goes for Jim and Cindy. especially when the plot involves sex.

Someone at the party is easily 40 years old. And I don’t mean Gabrielle Carteris.

The Walshes’ neighbors (the ones at home, not the annoying hotel neighbors) are really lame. Even right outside the house, the music isn’t that loud.

David: “Kelly’s as good-looking as Christie Brinkley.” Scott: “Well, you’re no Billy Joel.” I don’t make the news, people, I just report it.


  1. ladyj3000 said,

    Poor Brandon, everytime he loosens up and has fun, he gets bitch slapped by karma. No wonder he’s so uptight.

  2. Sada said,

    SPOILER: You’re going to have to see a lot more of David Silver’s terrible white-boy dance moves before this is over.

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