July 2, 2011

SVH #94, Are We in Love?: If You Have to Ask, the Answer is No

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That's not Steven! Imposter! IMPOSTER!

Summary: Steven and Cheryl have been spending a lot of time together, and people start to think that they’re dating. They insist they’re just friends but wonder if they can’t see each other as possible romantic partners because they’re different races. They go to dinner together and have a run-in with some skinheads, which shakes both of them up, especially Cheryl. Steven kisses her and they decide to try out a relationship.

The only problem is that they’re not really that interested in each other. But they want to prove to everyone that an interracial couple can work, so they stick with it. A few students at SVH aren’t in favor of the pair, and Lila keeps pointing out that it’s never going to work. Jessica wants to prove her wrong, so she keeps supporting her brother and Cheryl very loudly. For some reason, Cheryl thinks she’s only doing that to hide her prejudice.

Steven takes Cheryl to meet some of his friends, including a black guy he invited at the last minute, Martin. Cheryl and Martin immediately hit it off and clearly have more in common than Cheryl and Steven do. But they still feel like they have something to prove, so they stay together. Basically, this goes on forever, until Cheryl’s dad and Annie’s mom’s wedding, when Cheryl gives a toast about love being colorblind and blah blah blah. Steven and Cheryl finally realize they don’t like each other like that, so they’re done. And then she tells Martin he can call her.

While all this is going on, Jessica decides she should make the wedding cake, and she manages to pull it off.

Thoughts: Let’s be up-front: I couldn’t care less about this book. It’s the only thing standing between me and Jungle Prom. (Well, this and one more BSC book.) Also, I don’t give a crap about anything involving Steven.

Lila: “My counselor says I’m extraordinarily sensitive.” Yeah, well, your counselor’s lying to you.

Why does Steven only date girls in high schol? Oh, right, I forgot – I don’t give a crap about anything involving Steven.

Everyone makes a big deal about Steven and Cheryl being an interracial couple, and Jessica even says they’re the first at SVH, but what about Sandra and Manuel?

If my teenaged daughter told me her friend was going to make my wedding cake, I’d have her tested for drugs.

Heh, even when Jessica’s being sincere and nice, people think she’s lying.

And here ends the series as we know it. I am beyond excited for all the craziness ahead. BEYOND.


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